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I exercised extreme self-control to not to buy this. And I kind of regret it #thelefthandofdarkness #ursulakleguin @57thstreetbooks


Greek salad time! With salmon and za’atar eggplant thanks to inspiration from @diet.assassinista


Another awesome breakfast at @cafeframboise. Can’t go wrong with this place! The staff is amazing—they went out of their way to entertain Alex while we were waiting for our food. #charlestonsc


Take 2 of this charcuterie board I made with @hipstergrandrew over Memorial Day! There are so many gorgeous food boards on instagram; they’re pretty much all in my saved posts. Recently I’ve been especially inspired by @thefeistykitchen and @thedelicious and I wanted to make one of my own. .
My first photos didn’t turn out that well so I reassembled the board even though we had eaten a good bit of it! Worthy of note are the homemade pickled beets, red onions, and cauliflower, some local @butcherandbee relish, harissa hummus made by mixing @traderjoes organic hummus with @traderjoes harissa paste, and some endive boats filled with chopped roasted red peppers mixed with goat cheese.
Goals for the next board: local meats and cheeses from @goatsheepcow @tedsbutcherblock and @avondalewine !


Found this yummy photo I forgot to post! I see some capers in there. #salmondinner #greensbro


A lovely brunch at the lovely Allis. @theallischicago


Best weather ever today, and a pretty darn nice view.


I was in a curry mood yesterday so I made basic Indian chicken curry with Trader Joe’s quinoa pilaf, and then I made these lentils with cumin seed, turmeric, onions, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes. It really hit the spot this morning with my usual over-easy egg. I’ve been uninspired for breakfast lately—eggs are the only thing that stick with me, but I’m really tired of them and I don’t have a ton of time because I’m getting my 3-y-o off to school. (He eats 2 eggs every morning, btw! 😳) So once I’m done with the lentils I’m gonna need some more inspiration for quick, high-protein breakfasts. I need some suggestions!


Almost #derbytime! Run for it, Bolt D’Oro! #boltdoro #racetime #derby #kyderby


Preview of tonight’s dinner: some grass fed lamb shoulder chops I found unexpectedly at the grocery store. Used @foodnetwork‘s recipe and I’m excited for the level of deliciousness.


They still smell amazing.


A beautiful salad for a beautiful day. Have to give @hellofresh credit again because on my own I never would have turned roasted sweet potato, poblano, and shallot into a salad with cherry tomatoes and lime. I did have the idea to add corn for additional color and flavor. 👍👍 This is a great #picnic salad.


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