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#tokyoreport Remember when you came to Japan for 36 hours to celebrate my birthday @sinhead ? 😚😚

ウェスティンホテル東京/ The Westin Tokyo

10/10 - When your mate gets a private Island for her birthday. 0/10 - When you pay $150 for a warm case of Corona.

Taprobane Island

10 years worth of drinking together, 2 years worth of memories from it. #10yearbender #friendswhoaremates


Life is a series of mysteries, embrace them with open arms and let the cohesion overwhelm you


Just relaxing with my good friends from Cape Weligama resort. Andre is always telling incredible stories, you can't help but take a knee and admire the man. Thanks for having me guys. #sponsoredpost

Cape Weligama Resort, Sri Lanka

I've spent the last three weeks sitting right here - gaining so much inspiration from staring out over this beautiful and vibrant city. I think I've really hit something special with these new tracks. I can't wait to finally share them with you all! #melbourne #inspired #sony

Villa Suite Crown Towers

How you look when you skip breakfast/lunch and only bring beer on a hikeπŸ’…πŸ’…

Brisbane Airport