Tiana Kruškić 🦋@tia_and_the_moon

Tiana Kruskic | Yawa Doe | Musician | Singer | Songwriter | Producer | 1984 | Germany | Diasporian.

Keep it movin. Keep on dancin. Celebrate LIFE.
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We spent a wonderful night at our own vintage show extraordinaire including a big fat live orchestra and many more marvelous artists. It is a delightful feeling to see a concept of yours grow and be fruitful.
One year ago we started with a crazy idea of creating a party where everybody is dressed up in 20s to 60s style, dancing to a live orchestra instead of a record. 3 shows later we’re sold out and looking for bigger venues.
And then: to have a partner in crime that has the same visions and passion - if not even bigger ones than you -, and friends that stick to you and follow you until the end of the world to support you and your dreams, is not just the cherry on top of my life, it’s the whole damn cake!
Der Worte sind genug gewechselt. Die Taten sprechen für sich. Danke, meine @janemichmal Schnin! :-*
My mother in law (that I’m not supposed to call like that because she then feels old 😂🙈) is hands down the best mil one woman can ever imagine. Patiently waiting for us to grow by ourselves, helping us out where she can, singing, dancing, playing saxophone where we tell her and always looking extra fabulous, is her main job at our feixel company 😂 - besides catching beautiful moments like this picture. @verenaschlag Amazing Mama-Multitalent. 😘❤️
Last but not least... What to say about my beautiful @acabellas_2017? You are amazing inside out! You lit up the show. You are some talented, intelligent young women that will rise to make this world a better place. I have hope. 🌟
Thank youuuu @lilithsophie , @pmantheyy, @__hannahjoela__, @carla.krnz, @_jxrni_ !✨💫 #ifyouwannamakeitrightdoitbyyourself #whenfeixelmusicpresents #meandmrjones #flapperswing #vintage #retro #artistpalette #femaleartist #lindyhop #startedfromthebottom #bigband #flapperswingsause #20s #feixelmusic @feixelmusic


A brief glimpse of a night that hands-down changed our lives.
Playing with kings, kingdoms and tribes for the loving people of Osu, on the streets of Accra, on 5 Junction, was mentally, physically and emotionally climatic in the extreme.
We came home. After thousands of years we have finally made it home. And we have been welcomed into our family.
I should write a lot more about the time we spent in Ghana but then again... it’s just words and they don’t do justice to our experiences.
We were one in the moonshine reflexion and we continued to be one when the sun came up to greet us.
So here are a few pics. The sweat. The joy. The unity. The destroyed hairdos. F*ck makeup and hairdos when you have love and blessings from the people, the spirits and the ancestors that surround you. 📸 @echtrund @michaelskolik
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Happy women’s day to all of my women out there!
Do no harm. Take no shit.
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Here you see a snippet of tonight’s #talkinblues in Cologne.
And how I glamorously fcked up the 2. verse. 👌🏽
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