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Lots of bad jokes and un-inspirational wordvomit.
🎓 UCLA Survivor
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Why throw shade when you can catch some sun (answer: bcuz sometimes it’s fun)


A distant dream,



S.O.FRIGGIN.S — I got asked to give a speech at USC-LAC hospital’s trauma survivor reunion in May. Where do I even begin? What would you guys wanna know? Ask me anything. I am not so good at public speaking...I’m going to cry for sure.


I have still never been to Coachella....nor have I ever really been to any actual music festival....but I am considering going to EDC if I feel better? Am I allowed to go in a wheelchair LOLOL? (PS. I miss you @thenudefox ❤️ this is from the last shoot we did together before the accident) #edclv2018 #tiffaniemariephotography


You can break my back, but you can’t break my gahdamn spirit. #brokebackfashion #alsobrokefashion


LMAO so I had taken these cuteass photos before the accident for the @danielwellington Valentine’s campaign, but I’m guessing it was...TIME sensitive?
Whatever I’m posting it anyways. Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day and thanks to my babyboy @danielwellington for spoiling me 😂❤️ 📸: my bbygurl @misscatherinelynn 💋


Life updates:
A) @araako poured rosè on my head and it stuck.
B) figured out how to turn my brace into a Regina George statement piece.
C) learned to stop and smell the roses. (And by that, I mean forcing my workaholic self to Netflix and heal....so plz suggest shows) #brokebackfashion


The rose that rose.


No matter how many issues you have, I will always subscribe to you 🗞️❤️ #tiffaniemariephotography p.s. first photo I’ve taken in 2 months and it felt amazing ☺️


A kind friend told me, “Sometimes when it feels like you’re being buried, you’re actually being planted.” Y’all ain’t ready for this muthafuckin’ garden. (P.S. thank you everyone who sent me flowers 😭 I fucking love flowers)


Ughh don’t you hate being stuck in a mood? You don’t even know why you feel the way you do, you just wake up and everything feels just a bit more difficult. People around you are being absolutely wonderful but you don’t even know why your face can’t form a smile, and when you do, it feels uncomfortable. You repeat positive thoughts, mantras, affirmations, anything to yourself, trying to pull yourself out of this cloudy ineffable sadness, but it doesn’t work(!!!!!). Days pass and your heart just seems to get heavier and heavier.
And suddenly one day, one moment, something someone says, or something that you randomly think clicks, and you grasp onto the feeling because it finally feels good...oh please stay, ray of sunshine, please stay...and you hoist yourself out of the hellhole of negativity that you put yourself in.
It’s been getting hard sometimes to snap out of it, to feel happy when I feel helpless and when progress feels so far away. I’ve been trying to only write about the wonderful highs since it has been a therapy for myself as well, to help me conquer my own mind, but fuck dude, it’s been getting really hard.
For those who have been following my journey before the accident, you know that I have actually been struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD for many years, and this near death experience has just jolted in me, almost a desperate desire to finally fully overcome it.
I just have to remind myself as hard as fucking possible every day, every shitty second why I’m lucky, how much I am loved, and find all the little things to give myself the strength to heal, mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically. #tiffaniesepiphanies


I keep saying this to everyone: If I had woken up to an empty hospital room, I don’t think I would have made it.
You know, mid-surgery, one of the doctors actually came out to the waiting room where an anxious @sara.choi sat, and told her to find my close friends and family, because most likely, I wasn’t gonna make it through the surgery.
When my mom was alerted of this, she didn’t cry. This strong, badass woman immediately began chanting and praying and drove straight to the hospital. She told me later that she knew I wasn’t gonna die because she knew I had a lot of important shit to do in life (only she didn’t use the word shit because she doesn’t cuss). I remember, even through my anesthesia-filled semi-consciousness, slightly opening my eyes and seeing people coming in and out. The icu had a 2 person visitor limit, but the staff would pretend not to notice my room being constantly filled with people, and even the people working there were coming in and giving me words of encouragement to help me survive through this.
Each time I saw someone walk in, even if I wasn’t able to say anything, I was moved, choked up, and it had nothing to do with the billion tubes going down my throat.
I keep talking about my willpower to live in my recent posts, my determination, but I will never be able to mention enough, that I owe it all to my peoples. There are so many more than the people in these photos, but IG only allows 10/carousel (so I obviously had to just pick the 10 I looked best in). So thank you, you wonderful loving beings who took your time to give me the reason why I needed to live. Thank you to the people who took care of this difficult cripple(aka my mom, grandma, @sara.choi, and my super awesome personal nurse, @stickydiljoe). And thank you to the people who took a moment to share with me words of love.
Thank you, (YES YOU) for loving me in my worst, giving me my second chance to bring out my best. #tiffaniesepiphanies


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