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People tell me I am funny & good looking. I'm just happy to be me! Buy my book/audiobook: #sheready # thelastblackunicorn

Wow I have changed in so many ways, and yet I am still that same little Girl that just wants to bring joy. I watched this like a hundred times. I laugh with joy because I am doing everything the young me wanted to do, and I cry a little because that young girl has been thru so much just to get me to this point and there is still so far to go to make our dreams come true. I made a promise to the young girl in me that I would do everything in my power to keep her safe and live our Dream. There has been times in my life I thought the young girl was dead but she was just hiding for safety. Wow Thank you @laughfactoryhw for giving us a safe place to grow. #sheready #thelastblackunicorn


Dat part 👌🏾 there is truth in what I say #tifftips #sheready #thelastblackunicorn #groupon @groupon


I am so Happy for my friend @ComedianLilRel Make sure y’all check out his new Show. On Fox


I told @chadwickboseman “I am sorry, I just farted that model food gives me gas.” Based off the look on his face I thinks he is thinking “What you Farted and smiling about it and that Fart smell Good to. She is a Unicorn “ #metafterparty #shefarted #thelastblackunicorn #lol


@clusterfest in San Francisco


It was so wonderful to meet the Ladies of the Donna Summer Musical. The show is so much fun and everyone is super talented. I know it was Good cause it took everything in my power not to yell out She Ready all thru the show, but by the last 20 minutes I could help myself I yelled SHE READY! Like 10 times. Thank You cast @donnasummerbway for some of the best Entertainment I have seen so far this year! #SHEREADY #donnasummermusical #boardway


I had so much fun with my dates last night @karliekloss and the Great and amazing @brandonmaxwell


I had so much fun last night. Thank you to everyone that made this look happen. @brandonmaxwell @oscarjameshair @makeupbydionne @luxurylaw




Loving on my Baby Sleeper before I hit the #metgala carpet! #sheready


I am so excited about today! It’s the #MetGala wait til you see what we got in store for the world! #brandonmaxwell #SheReady #lastblackunicorn


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