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Photos by @timlaman. Pride of Madeira flowers blooming on the Big Sur coast, California. I had a chance last week to drive down the the beautiful Big Sur coast and do a little photography along this spectacular stretch of Pacific coastline. Swipe to see a behind the scenes shot. #sponsored #framedongitzo @gitzoinspires #bigsur #behindthescenes


Photo by @TimLaman. The oddly twisted neck of this male Magnificent Riflebird reveals a beautiful range of metallic blue and purple hues from the ornamental feathers along his throat and upper breast. To see this bird perform his shape-shifting courtship dance, check out the video at @BirdsofParadiseProject. The large vine this male is perching on is type preferred for courtship displays in this species. #Papua #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #Indonesia #PapuaNewGuinea #Australia #yearofthebird @TimLaman


I’m excited to share the post below from my co-director for the film Person of the Forest, @melissalesh The film has been touring festivals, but is now finally viewable to the public and as a “Vimeo Staff Pick”, no less! Please follow the link in my profile and enjoy and share!
Reposted from Melissa:
Orangutans have taught me a lot about our connection to the earth. Sharing 97% of our DNA and having culture similar to our own, it is easy to see just how of-this-earth we really are, one family. In fact we are so similar that pharmacy pregnancy tests can be used to detect a pregnant female orangutan. Despite our similarities, orangutans are in particular need of our attention right now, their populations are in peril. A recent study suggests that with current trends continuing, orangutans will be extinct in the wild by 2030. Their future literally rests in our hands, with palm oil (contained in many of our everyday products) being the leading cause of their habitat decline. I hope you can take a moment to watch, share, and appreciate one of our closest relatives. The research featured in the film is part of a larger conservation effort and is one piece of the solution.
This project would not have been possible without my co-director Tim Laman @timlaman , co-producer Trevor frost @tbfrost , cinematographer Robert Suro @rrsuro , researcher Cheryl Knott @cheryl_d_knott and the many working to protect and learn more about orangutans on the ground in #GunugPalungNationalPark. #savegporangutans #earthday and thank you @Vimeo!


There are only 2 days left in @natgeocreative’s Flash Sale of signed prints for only $100. My image of the Red Bird-of-Paradise is in good company with these stunning images by @JoelSartore, @BrianSkerry and other great photographers. Visit the link in my profile to see the full collection, running until April 28th.


I’m proud to be part of @natgeocreative’s Flash Sale that highlights amazing sites from around the globe. These great photographs by @DavidDoubilet, @BeverlyJoubert, @Stevewinterphoto and @FransLanting are all available for $100! Click the link in my profile to see the entire collection of signed prints available until April 28th.


Photo by @timlaman. I’m proud to be part of @natgeocreative’s Flash Sale that highlights amazing sites from around the globe. You can purchase a hand signed copy of my Red Bird-of-Paradise for $100. Click on the link in my profile to purchase one of the many amazing photographs by National Geographic photographers.


Photo by @TimLaman. Here is a still frame from the display of the newly described species, the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise. There are a couple things about this bird I want to point out that make it really remarkable: Super-black plumage that just soaks up light -- you can see no detail in it. Fake blue eye spots – those aren’t his eyes. His eyes are black and lower on the side of his head (you can see them clearly in the video I posted on this feed earlier). If you are interested in the differences between this new species and the well known Superb Bird-of-Paradise of Planet Earth fame, please see the short video in the link in profile at @BirdsofParadiseProject. #shotonRED @reddigitalcinema #newspecies #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #Papua #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #WestPapuaBiodiversity #Indonesia #superbbirdofparadise #superb #yearofthebird .


Video by @TimLaman. Is this a new species of bird-of-paradise? We believe so, and being the first person to ever photograph/film a unique form of life on earth (especially one as spectacular as this) was an incredible thrill. This is a Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise, found only in the mountains of West Papua, Indonesia, where Ed Scholes and I were the first ever to record the display of this species. To see a 3 min video about our discovery go to the link in my profile. From there you will also find the link to our just-published scientific paper. #newspecies #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #Papua #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #superbbirdofparadise #superb #yearofthebird


Photo by @TimLaman. Sometimes a new species is hiding in plain sight….. Meet the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise. See the first ever video of this species displaying at @BirdsofParadiseProject. #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #Papua #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #superbbirdofparadise #superb #yearofthebird .


Video by Ed Scholes. Courtship display of the Greater Superb Bird-of-Paradise. When he finally succeeds in luring a female to his chosen display log, the male fans his long cape to create one of the most incredible optical illusions in the animal world. Fake blue eye-spots, and the blue breast shield set off against a super-black background creates a dazzling apparition for the female. Some call it a psychedelic smiley face. Are you impressed? This female was not. This was recorded years ago by my colleague Ed Scholes on a pretty low quality camera, but it’s still worth a view. Follow our new feed @BirdsofParadiseProject to meet all the birds-of-paradise. #PNG #PapuaNewGuinea #Superbbirdofparadise #superb @birdsofparadiseproject #birdsofparadise #CornellLabofOrnithology #YearoftheBird


Photo by @TimLaman. The Greater Superb Bird-of-Paradise male has an amazing courtship display in which he fans out a big cape around his head to presents toward a female. I have spent many days in blinds watching the logs where a Superb has been seen, and hoping to photograph the display, but to this day it has eluded me. Once, in the shot you see here, the male raised his cape, but he never turned toward me so I could see that blue “smiley-face”. My colleague on the birds-of-paradise project, Ed Scholes, has been luckier. See the video he shot of a full display on our new feed @birdsofparadiseproject. The cool thing about this view is that it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how the striking display is created. #PNG #PapuaNewGuinea #Superbbirdofparadise #superb @birdsofparadiseproject #birdsofparadise #CornellLabofOrnithology #YearoftheBird


Photo by @TimLaman. Celebrating the amazing Superb Bird-of-Paradise this week. This shot is from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, where this male calls from his display log, trying to lure in a female. To see his shape-shifting transformation into a psychedelic smiley face, check out the video I just shared at @BirdsofParadiseProject…. where we are sharing images and stories about all the birds-of-paradise. #PNG #PapuaNewGuinea #Superbbirdofparadise #superb @birdsofparadiseproject #birdsofparadise #CornellLabofOrnithology #YearoftheBird @TimLaman


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