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Timothy Sykes

Thank you for all the birthday well wishes, I’m sitting here on my layover on my latest crazy travel day thinking about how grateful I am for all my students and now the @karmagawa and @savethereef peeps all over the world so while I SERIOUSLY do not want you to get me anything for my birthday, do me a favor and go follow @savethereef so you can learn about why saving our oceans/marine life is such a crucial cause (that is, if you like breathing) and also go to http://karmagawa.com and grab some charity merch and then tag me and @karmagawa in pics/videos of you wearing it so we’re not just raising money to build more schools and help more animals, you’re also helping me spread awareness on social media about these important causes which is key to getting everyone to work TOGETHER to make this a better world! #sograteful #ilovemyjob #jewsonthemove


Timothy Sykes

Tomorrow is my birthday so this is my last #laptoplifestyle photo in a pool that I will ever post as I’ve now matured past these little stunts...just kidding, this actually is my life and I absolutely love trading stocks using @stockstotrade no matter where in the world I am. Not to mention it’s too much fun seeing the worried looks I get from people around me who are afraid I’m gonna drop my laptop in the water! (Although sadly I have dropped a few in my day aka I’m laptop enemy #1!) But on a serious note I’m SO grateful to each and every one of my followers, students and the entire @karmagawa and @savethereef communities too as we’re going to shock all the doubters and change the world in the coming years by working TOGETHER! Too many people look down on social media, but that narrow-mindedness will not define us nor the future...we WILL make this a far better planet for ourselves, our children and our children’s children so dream big and stay tuned as we’re just getting started so these are exciting times! #grateful #happybirthdaytojew


Timothy Sykes

Repost from @karmagawa BREAKING: Canada’s annual cruel commercial seal slaughter has opened and will turn Canada’s East Coast bloody with the carcasses of baby seal pups with 97% of the pups being less than three months old! The Canadian government actually regulates these barbaric hunts where seals are killed with wooden clubs, hakapiks (large ice-pick-like clubs) and guns — and the killing process is demonstrably cruel because the main sealskin processing plant in Canada deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullethole they find, therefore sealers are loath to shoot seals more than once. This seal hunt on the East Coast is not to be confused with the Inuit hunt in the North that provides food, clothing and other necessities of life, while this hunt is cruel, unnecessary and wasteful as according to Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 92% of the meat from this annual hunt goes wasted. Please share this post with your followers, tag people who need to see it and follow @hsiglobal @peta and @action4ifaw to learn what you can do to help end this barbarism! #savetheseals #seallove #karmagawa


Timothy Sykes

Recently I’ve been traveling all over the world for my @savethereef documentary being produced by @karmagawa that will debut in June for #worldoceanday as this picture/video was taken in the amazing #whitsundays islands in #australia a few weeks ago (I was using @stockstotrade to research the best stocks as the US stock market is only open at night in Australia), this week the @savethereef team and I are staying at the beautiful @hamanasi_resort in #belize since this country has banned offshore oil drilling to protect its reef and marine life — which other countries could REALLY learn from — and while most people don’t think the #coralreef applies to them, our upcoming documentary directed by the man @amirzakeri will open EVERYONE’S eyes because the reefs are much more important to our survival than you think. This is also your #dailyreminder to build your own dream life and for me that involves trading stocks, teaching, charity and travel, but if you #studyhard and #workhard and become an expert in whatever you are most passionate about and then make enough money to earn your freedom, you can spend ALL your time focused on whatever you want and you never have to “work” a day in your life! I cannot tell you how great a feeling it is to build your own dreams, not someone else’s, so I hope to inspire you to do this too, no bullshit college degree or 9-5 job required! Just realize becoming successful is damn tough, so if you do take this path be ready to #pushyourself and #challengeyourself more than you ever have and if you want me to mentor you I will, not to be your friend, but to be the toughest damn teacher you have EVER had! #ilovemyjob #proudteacher #iwillteachjew


Timothy Sykes

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Roughly half of the world’s reefs have recently died and 90% are expected to die by 2050, and on top of that we are killing marine life at a faster pace than at any other time in the history of the world...something must change or else our oceans and all marine life will go extinct in our lifetimes or our children’s lifetimes. And that’s when the real consequences will set in as reefs are essential for marine life and marine life is responsible for the majority of the oxygen we need to breathe in order to survive...that’s right, if the oceans die, then we as a species die so that’s why we at @karmagawa created the @savethereef movement and need your help in reaching more people because there’s literally no time to waste in spreading massive awareness about this problem as too few people know about it and mistakenly believe reefs and marine life aren’t very important! They couldn’t be more wrong, but they need to be educated about the issue and that’s what we are here to do...along with making donations to great charities like @coralgardeners @gbrlegacy and @reef_restoration_foundation as we’ve already donated $90,000 to those three groups, but it’s just the start as the good news is that right now there’s still time to act before it’s too late because reefs and marine life can regenerate with just a little help from us humans. Stay tuned for our full documentary feature directed by @amirzakeri coming this summer, but for now please share this video with your followers, tag people in the comments who need to see it and please encourage everyone you know to also follow @savethereef as we can make this planet better BY WORKING TOGETHER! Also, see the many great people tagged in this post as we couldn’t have done this video without them, just like we’re going to need your help to truly fix this urgent problem before it will be too late in just a few years! #saveouroceans #karmagawa #savethereef


Timothy Sykes

It’s not often you meet someone who inspires you greatly, but that’s how I feel after meeting my student @anthonysimas who was swimming with his friends, but slipped and broke his neck a few years ago, and against all odds — and against what doctors told him he would be capable of — he re-learned how to speak and move his arms and now he’s sharing his story of adversity and dedication to inspire others. Too often we take what we have for granted and it’s only when the unexpected happens do we realize the error of our ways so I LOVE that Anthony is keeping his head held high and every single day defying the medical odds while also learning to trade stocks from my team and I and also proving himself to be a very dedicated student! I‘m excited for you to see the full video @valdays and I filmed with him (and he also showed me his favorite sushi place which rocked!) and even though his story is tragic, Anthony’s mindset is so incredibly uplifting he says “life can only break you if you let it. You can either rise or you can fall when the hard times come. You can choose to truly live your life the way you dream or live based on others expectations. It’s ALL up to you. Odds against me I made it and made it with a smile. There’s so much to smile and so much to live for. You don’t need anything taken away to see that. Society unfortunately makes us forget these simple things. You want something? Go get it. It’s literally that simple!” So, get inspired and please share this post to help remind others to count every second as a blessing and to be positive no matter what’s happening in their life as you cannot control everything, just how you react and deal with the obstacles life throws at you! #overcomingadversity #ilovemyjob #edjewcation


Timothy Sykes

I’ve been SO fortunate to travel the world and see so many extraordinary things like this #cloudforest in #singapore a few weeks ago, even as I was staying up all night trading stocks using @stockstotrade in my hotel @marinabaysands because this was a damn tough time zone to trade from! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the extraordinary opportunity to be able to #workfromanywhere so I hope to teach you how to do this too as I get too many messages from my fellow #traveladdict friends who are spending too much money while traveling instead of making it! I don’t make money on every trade — nobody who is real does and if they claim to be 100% perfect they’re lying to you — but I do win roughly 70% of the time and my wins are bigger than my losses do it adds up so roughly $2,000 per day keeps the real job away...and it’s not even just about the money, I LOVE being able to travel anywhere anytime I want while also donating to local charities everywhere I go through @karmagawa so I wouldn’t give this up for anything as I’m truly living my dream life! Message me to learn how to do this too and check out the link in my bio if you’re serious, just no lazy people allowed because with great monetary rewards/freedom comes great responsibility to study and work your ass off too! #ilovemyjob #jewsonthemove


Timothy Sykes

It’s my honor to announce a $40,000 donation from @karmagawa to @rotaryinternational in #guatemala to help renovate and make improvements to this school that will educate 2,000+ children when the project is finished in a few months! Most of the children here are living in nearby refugee camps setup by @rotaryinternational due to the Volcan Del Fuego volcanic eruption in 2018 and despite the press saying only a few hundred people died, in the last few months I’ve now visited twice and talked to countless locals who estimate the real death toll is more like 15,000 as there are 5,000+ bodies buried in just one community alone that I visited so it’s a disaster of epic proportions and we must do what we can to help! Thank you @claudiabosch @isajongezoon @meliwhitbeck and @casapalopo for all your hospitality and for helping me understand the situation here and I can’t encourage everyone reading this enough to go visit Guatemala and lend a helping hand, especially at the great charity @pintandosantacatarinapalopo where Karmagawa is donating another $10,000 to help them paint their town and bring tourists in to help the local economy. I’ve now had the good fortune of traveling to 100+ countries, but only since I’ve gotten involved helping the locals, especially children everywhere who are the future, has it gotten infinitely more rewarding...something for all my fellow #traveladdict friends reading this to think about :) #iloveguatemala #hebrewschool


Timothy Sykes

The interesting thing about trading penny stocks for a living, is not just the constant hate I get from those too lazy to see that my rules actually work, it’s that some days there’s no great plays so even though I have my @stockstotrade software scanning for any hot stocks, I sometimes see nothing worth my time or money...and this is when I get to go outside, adventure, swim some laps and not feel guilty missing anything truly great. I am 100% dedicated when there is a hot play — I even missed my college graduation for a trade (true story) — but this is SO much better than a normal 9-5 because not only is the money great, I also get to take off some days during the work week...days like today...and that’s when I’m most thankful for amazing places like @bababeachclub to relax to the max! Although as an even more dedicated teacher I can’t help but stay busy working on new video lessons and writing the sequel to @completepenny so I guess I should just that when you utilize my teachings correctly, at least you won’t have to work as hard as me! #workfromanywhere #jewswithviews


Timothy Sykes

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me as I’ve been making roughly $500 per day for nearly $27,000 in stock trading profits in February/March while also teaching and traveling to 8 countries, most of which have been in Asia...so I’ve been staying up all night to work since I only trade US stocks; then focusing on my @karmagawa charity projects and @the.hungry.tourist restaurant tastings by day, leaving not much time for sleep! So, why do I do this to myself? In case you can’t tell, I FUCKEN LOVE MY LIFE and I love pushing the boundaries of the #laptoplifestyle and my #mobileoffice locations while also helping charities all over the world using the money I’ve made throughout my career along with #socialmedia as the @karmagawa community and now the @savethereef community are growing fast because there’s a lot of people who want to help our planet, they just need some guidance on what to do! Sure, sure, I could definitely make more money by staying in one place and having a regular office like most people on Wall Street, but where’s the fun in that? Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and while money is nice — and important for your freedom to escape the 9-5 rat race — I have more than enough money to live well and also donate to charity, and, more importantly, I’m too curious to see how we can use new technology to truly change the world! In case you didn’t realize it, we’re at a point in history where we MUST save too many endangered species and save the environment that’s crucial for our survival before it’s too late! I refuse to believe that it’s a coincidence to now have these tools that can reach billions of people in record time and make the urgent changes needed before it’s too late…right? So, I’m going to keep up pushing myself and see what we can do when we work together! PS I promise to get some sleep when I’m dead or when we @savethereef and all the #endangeredspecies too..ok? :) #ilovemyjob #nodaysoff #jewsinthejungle


Timothy Sykes

Why am I always working on my laptop in these beautiful places if I’m so successful? You claim to be free and #livingthedream but you look more like a slave to your job than anything and the #laptoplifestyle does not look fun at all so what gives? These are common questions I get daily, but I work SO hard #stocktrading and #teaching every day not because I have to, but because I WANT TO! I became a #selfmade #millionaire right around the time I could legally drink so it’s been a while and I fulfilled my childhood dreams taking care of my family and buying every luxury you can imagine, but helping others is just so much more meaningful and fun so my dream has evolved! Everyone has a different idea of what their #dreamlife and I’ve realized this is mine, along with #traveling nonstop and donating through my @karmagawa charity with my bro @badboi to incredible charities like @rotaryinternational @pintandosantacatarinapalopo and @pencilsofpromise and staying at the best hotels/villas like @casapalopo here in #guatemala for example. It’s my HONOR to share 20+ years of #stockmarket lessons with my students and also share my crazy life on #socialmedia so you can see I’m real as opposed to the many fakes in my industry and to hopefully inspire you to #studyhard and #workhard in order to achieve your own goals, no matter what they are and what your background is. We are each capable of SO MUCH MORE than we realize and if I can help you in any way just check out the link in my bio and reach out and DM me because helping others is what I truly love doing...I know I’m sick in the head for devoting so much time to others, but I’ve sought treatment for my condition and there is no cure for this disease so I might as well embrace it and you better utilize it as much as you can! #workhardplayhard #jewspiration


Timothy Sykes

What an honor it was to ring the Nasdaq closing bell with the @stockstotrade team this past week because it is the absolute best stock trading software in the world and I’m SO excited to see what the future brings since the current and upcoming features @stockstotrade makes it basically a Bloomberg terminal for traders at 90%+ off the price that Bloomberg charges! Also, thanks to everyone who has been sending me congratulatory messages on my crazy week; sorry I’m so far behind on all my responses, but I promise to catch up on all my DMs this weekend, it just takes me a while as I personally read and respond to each and every one of them so keep them coming as I love teaching and it’s truly my honor to help speed up your #stockmarket learning curve with lessons that took me 20+ years to learn the hard way! #ilovemyjob #jewyorkcity