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4 years later, but not much has changed. So so so proud of you Jos, and I'm so excited to see all the amazing things you'll do in life. Congratulations! 💙🎓


Finals are over and I am officially 21!!! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and especially to those who came out with me last night to celebrate! #finally21 #thismeanssummer


Environmental Resources Engineering and Chemistry double major, United States Coast Guard officer, Renewable Energy Student Union president, Outstanding Student recipient, and coolest of all: my roommate/bff. Happy birthday to the girl I look up to the most. You inspire me every single day with your hardwork, motivation, determination, modesty, and most importantly, your positivity. You push me through the hardest times and encourage me to always do my best, and everytime you tell me you're proud of me, I get a little teary-eyed. Its hard to be in a bad mood around you. Thanks for always bein there, Hanna. I couldn't do it without ya. Happy birthday. ❤️


Happy Earth Day from one of the most beautiful places on it! Today is a really good day to think about the actions you're taking to keep it beautiful. This past year I've tried really hard to reduce my wasteful impact on the earth and it's changed the way I look at everything. Most people don't think about where their waste goes once the garbage man takes it away every Thursday, but I promise you, everything you do makes an impact.

Avoid any single use objects as much as possible (no matter the convenience), buy a reusable water bottle and actually carry it around with you, buy in bulk, ditch the straw, avoid takeout and wasteful/unnecessary packaging, bring your own reusable produce/shopping bags, try going vegetarian once in a while (tofu is good!), buy organic (pesticides are killing the bees!), dont feed wildlife, avoid plastic as much as you can, start a compost, and make sure to leave a place cleaner than it was when you got there. 🌏🌲🌊♻️ #respectyourmother


Always cheesin'


Happy birthday, Tyler. Here's to another year full of adventures, views, growth, and love. ❤️ #22


So glad this chica sat next to me in Spanish class junior year because now she's my best friend in this whole world. Happy happy birthday, Brittany! ❤️ I love you! #22




My ride or die ❤️ #literally


Adding to all the procrastination posts bc I wish I was getting lost on the coast instead of lost in my finals #tb


And to think I used to want to live in the city... 😩🏔️🌲 #homefortheholidays


My life is made.
Dan Auerbach, I love you. 😩💘


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