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My new bike 🚲 is giving me some good moments recently. I get to see a few good sunsets having ability to get places fast.


Looking down onto the top of coniferous trees has always intrigued me. Some fascinating shapes and colours and lots of depth. This is near Stoodley Pike, Calderdale.


I’m loving my new bike, it gets me places. Including places that I wouldn’t usually visit at 9:30pm on a Sunday night.


Stoodley Pike at 9:30pm last night. My new mode of transport gets me about is so much better than using a car for photography, especially when exploring the local area. One of the best things is being able to stop anywhere. Combined with the drone it’s a winning combination.


Marsden Moor, not far from Saddleworth Moor where the dry moorland is still on fire and could be for weeks according to local authorities.


The central fells on one of the longest days of the year. Taken from Tarn Hows. Taken after sunset.


A view up Wastwater on a virtual early morning in Summer. Inspired by a photograph by @scotty.stephenson this has been hand crafted in Illustrator and is scalable vector art. I’ve got a new page @tivdesign where I intend to have as a Home for these ‘travel style’ posters. This post is ‘shoppable’ and will take you to my website if you click on the links. Thanks very much for reading. Tiv


Summer morning, bright and early at Little Langdale. I got up at 4am to be here in position for golden hour. Magic 💆‍♂️👌🏻


A depiction of Whitby which many of you will have seen before, I’m going to be starting a separate page for these vector based posters I make @tivdesign. Watch it out for an update soon. Cheers


Cockley Beck, a wonderful place which sits in a very attractive valley, peaceful and off the beaten track, so to speak.


Not going to south of France this year sadly, 2019, though, we’ll be back.


Shot this with the flying camera whilst walking from Halifax to Huddersfield with @bal_zac and @paul_heys for a school dads impromptu visit to @magicrocktap but it closed at 10pm, we got there at 10:15 after 3.5hr Walk. #lessonlearned
I got this near Blackley on the walk out of West Vale.