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Learning and growing every day....That’s the promise.

Nothing like creating... #music #blessed 🎶


Happy Father’s Day to my pops @poppa3t. I will always be thankful for the father you are. My admiration for you grows more and more everyday. I am truly lucky to have you. But what I’ve always been grateful for is the time you put into your boys in both music and sports. Helping us be successful at a young age helped give us the confidence we needed to be who we are today. Thank you, Pops. I love you with all my heart! Enjoy your day.


So proud of you @lexcimercedes_ 🙌🏽 Ever since you were a little girl you showed a special ability to work for what you want. From basketball to school to just being a woman you have excelled and amazed me and your mother. Keep being loyal. Keep being grounded. And keep striving. I love you so much. ❤️ #graduated🎓 #specialgirl #prouddad


Happy birthday to my number is for you! ❤️


Don’t mind me....just livin’ the dream. 😁 #tbt


This is a special time of the year for so many of us. And this year I’m proud to congratulate my son @k9dawg10 on graduating high school! Keep living and learning and always remember the importance of education, Ro. 📚 I love you!!! #graduated🎓


Check out the official music video for “Fire” featuring @reneeherbert_ @k9dawg10 and Dean Pleasants from @suicidaltendencies NOW on @3Tworld Facebook #3T #ChapterIII #Fire 🔥🔥🔥 🎥: @tajjackson


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Today is the day!!! We are hours away from the full release of the music video of “Fire”. Until then here is another sneak peak....”Quit playin’ with 🔥🎶 #3T #ChapterIII #Fire


Tomorrow!!! The full video of Fire will be released. 🔥 #3T #Fire


One of my favorites from Chapter III. #ForeverGirl #3T 🎶


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