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After exploring on my favorite glacier for the day, we always end it right. Cheers to the incoming Alaskan summer and many more upcoming adventures! #ThisBudsForYou with @budweiserusa. #Partner #AlaskaStories #PlanetUnicorn #Alaska


When my friend @sarah.mcclanahan and I came on a 2 month backpacking trip to Alaska 3 years ago, we didn’t entirely know what to expect. When we researched @denalinps and read about how fast the weather could change, we may not have entirely believed it. But it proved to be true. As you can see through the videos in this slideshow album, the weather can go from an 80 degree clear day instantly to a 37 degree day with 6 inches of snow and right back again. To say the least it was still amazing, hell I even moved here since then and feel in love with this state! Definitely excited for summer, it’s basically here!
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Sorry for another @matanuskaglacier post. It’s just a place to constantly inspires me and amazes me. Here are a couple iPhone videos from last summer when my good friend and photo buddy @lisabao came to visit. It just feels like another world looking back at shots rom this day. The light was so different, making it a bit more surreal then it already feels.
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Exploring glaciers has become one of my favorite things over the years. Especially going back to the same one over and over again like @matanuskaglacier. They can change so much these days, it’s always different looking and it’s pretty cool to see that in person and be able to stand in the same spot months later and have a completely different landscape. Here is my buddy @jussiruottinenphotography (Be sure to check out his incredible work) exploring around on our recent visit. Also rocking my favorite @shimodadesign pack, which has easily become my favorite camera pack and company to represent.
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Last summer my good friend @lisabao decided to make the trek up to Alaska to explore around with me. I have always wanted to get further out on some kayaking and glacier trips, so we did just that. Thanks to @anadyr_adventures for another epic adventure to Columbia Glacier Bay. Always look forward to trips with them, such an amazing group of people and guides. Here are a few iPhone video clips from the day. Be sure to swipe through them!
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Here is my mom Lisa, (and Bogey 🐶) when she came on a shoot a couple years ago in Aspen/Snowmass area. I don’t normally photograph people, but I guess I can make an exception form time to time for special occasions like this.


This week has been wildly refreshing and for some reason all that comes to mind, are my favorite aerial photos of rivers. (Be sure to swipe through the collection above) They always seem to relate so perfectly with my crazy lifestyle and the choices which I have made along the way, especially more recently. I usually am most inspired and in check when I am being creative and when trying to follow my passion or just trying to be myself. When I look at these shots, they always make me realize that life can take a million turns and with each turn, everything seems to continue flowing forward in a very natural way. Beyond grateful for the times we live in, the support from all my close friends and family. Sometimes I take that for granted though.
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Sometimes you just got to stand in the ocean to get what you want. An oldie from Sutro Baths.
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Not a bad place for a Heli pit stop. With @cmh_heli this past fall!
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The Golden Gate Bridge from above.
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The views flying down to the Aleutian chain of Alaska, where pretty incredible to say the least. The peaks you see here are known as Mount Pavlof and Pavlof Sister, which has been one of the most active volcanos in the US since 1980 with its most recent eruption in March of 2016. Looking closely you can see the steam and volcanic gas coming from the right. This view topped off the whole trip, especially getting to witness it on a clear day. Huge thanks to @caf_alaska @dshoganak For this opportunity!
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One of my favorite little shorts from a couple falls ago in Independence Pass just outside @aspenco working with @andrew.studer. Thanks mom for the sweet #Volvo model car 😬
Music @jteveringham
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