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Building #3,2018
Mixed media.
158 x 249 x 243 inches



S/N:2018.170 mixed media. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out with launch and recovery.
#conceptualart is my hobby.


Supreme Allied Commander Moon Rock Box, 2008
mixed media
24 H x 28 W x 9 D inches
S/N: 2008.003


Today we celebrate the independence of the United States from England in 1776. The war of independence was won by the American rebels who didn’t want to be taxed by England an ocean away. But these Americans were mostly Englishmen themselves, who left England for the new world to pursue new opportunities. This holiday brings the idea of national identity into question. If we are all one people, why do we have different flags and borders? Governments and the Corporations who control them, use borders to organize people and the resources they generate. After years of working towards unifying different nations economically (EU, NAFTA) the pendulum has swung towards the insulation of nation states. We have a choice: we can elect people who will forge artificial boundaries and create wars for profit, or we can work to become a unified people and share our resources.

Flag, 2014
synthetic polymer paint, steel, plywood
30 H x 45 W inches
S/N: 2014.262


@fisherparrish in Bushwick. Through September 9th as part of The Ashtray Show. Along with @chbeesty @ovandertuig @r_thing
Ashtray, 2018
Mixed media
20.5 H x 12.5 W x 12.75 D inches
S/N: 2018.146


Vanity (Memento Mori), 1999
foamcore, thermal adhesives, and ink
41 H x 15.25 W x 17.25 D inches
S/N: 1999 30


Barry Lyndon is why we say: LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Marisa Berenson stars as Lady Lyndon in Kubrick’s 1975 Masterpiece. Marisa is the second hottest woman in the world after @sarahhoov because even in the dimmest most romantic lighting Sarah’s beauty shines through like a supernova. Tonight at 8pm and Sunday at 1:15pm @metrographnyc
Barry Lyndon , 2010
synthetic polymer paint, steel, plywood
24 H x 24 W x 1.5 D inches
S/N: 2010.055


See how it’s done on my story. Camera by @charlie_koss thank you @pigeon_pat


Model One, 1999
mixed media
32 H x 41 W x 14 D inches
S/N: 1999 16


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Single Love Bird on 1/2 Cinderblock, 2016
Painted Bronze
14 H x 11 W x 16 D inches
S/N: 2016.295


Malcolm X, 2003
Pyrography on ConEd
30 H x 21.5 W inches
S/N: 2003 86