Cricket La Lou@totes_cricket_lalou

School counselor by day; tote bag embroiderer any other chance I get. Message me for a customized bag!

Had to come home sick today. The only thing cheering me up is this amazing picture of our pup Cricket with our buddy George from @astoriabrewingprojects. Cricket is working reaaaalllllll hard to become a member of the #homebrew crew.


I first made a variation of this bag for a Christmas present in December 2016 as a holiday gift for a friend. I was, at the time, new to embroidery and just channeling feelings I was having about the political landscape. On a whim, I sent it to the Pantsuit Nation Facebook page and was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers who simply clicked like or posted a comment about how much they liked it. That’s how Cricket La Lou was born- on the kindness of people who took the time out of their day to support a stranger. Buoyed up, I kept making bags and then (because my boyfriend was going to kill me for taking over the apartment) selling them through places like @queenscraftbrigade @lavender_label @thebrassowl. These were also people who took the time to support a stranger. With that in mind, I channeled some more feelings last night and remade it for myself. I read that there is a protest in the works- a call to action for people who believe in other people, even if they are total strangers. I know I’ll be there. I’ll also be donating a portion of my sales at the next craft brigade market to @raicestexas. Now let’s get in formation.


Not easy to get a good pic, but I spy with my little eye some Cricket La Lou Totes in the window @lavender_label 🤓


We are turning ONE, you guys! Come out and party with us! We’ll be back at the VFW on 7/15 with amazing vendors- both familiar and new faces- and super fun stuff planned for the anniversary! See you then!


Check out the handsome fellas of @astoriabrewingprojects rocking their new #handembroidered aprons. 😍😍😍 I can always #customize an apron for you too!


Rescue yourself.


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I had my first bag show. I am so grateful to @thebrassowl for giving me that first shot and for all my friends who have come through that day and every day since then to support this little side project of mine. Huge thanks to the @queenscraftbrigade for making me a part of your party. I can’t say enough good things about the vendors and community that make it what it is.


Dude, I can run a total of two whole miles and I consider myself a pretty #badass bitch for doing just that. If I could #run 26.2, I’d basically be #Beyonce. Major props to my runners out there. I’m lookin’ at you @phoenixbakehouse, @shellyramoni and @escogram 💛


Holy moly, yesterday was AWESOME! So many great people came through for the @queenscraftbrigade June market. My favorite part is seeing the post-brigade pictures like this one by @jaeyoonidad who personalized this They, Them, Their bag with some awesome pins. Thanks for your support @jaeyoonidad 💛


Love is love at the @queenscraftbrigade. Come out and see for yourself.


Just thinkin’ out loud here, but tomorrow’s @queenscraftbrigade event might be a great opportunity to pick up #gifts for your kid’s #teachers. These totes will perfectly fit a #wine bottle or three (wink, wink).


Someone asked me recently if I get bothered when people stop to look but don’t buy a bag. I really don’t. Getting people to laugh is awesome enough. This prickly kitty always get some giggles. Stop by my table at the @queenscraftbrigade to see what else I’ve got in stock and get your giggle on!