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If someone texts TJS CPBQ to you, they’re just trying to tell you #traderjoes has a new snack… with a really long name. These crunchy, hexagonal #Crisps are simply seasoned (pink salt & black pepper)—and made from yellow #Corn, yellow & green split #Peas, black #Beans, and #Quinoa. You’re bound to crave this corny, leguminous, seedy snack!

| 4.5 oz. bag | 0g sugar & 120 cal per 24 Crisps |


Trader Joe's

Forget a bowl or cup of #soup... Have sum in a Dumpling! It’s easy when you have #traderjoes frozen Steamed Chicken Soup #Dumplings on hand. Our #xiaolongbao have traditional wheat-dough wrappers that are soft & smooth and filled with #chicken & green onions in a rich, #gingery broth. Use the microwaveable tray and they’ll be ready in just a few minutes. Or, steam them in a stovetop basket for 8 to 10. Either way, they will be really, REALLY hot—so enjoy with care.*

*To eat, put a hot #SoupDumpling on a large spoon (preferably with #chopsticks), and pierce the side to release the soup into the spoon. Then carefully sip the soup and eat the Dumpling!


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A big THANK YOU to all who took part in our 10th Annual Customer Choice Awards! We’ve counted your votes (thousands of them) to reveal the top #traderjoes products in each category.* To find out if your favorites ‘won the pot,’ visit the Dig In section of our website—or, follow the link in our bio...

*We can’t guarantee the availability of all winning products in your neighborhood store, particularly seasonal favorites.


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If you love #traderjoes Baguettes, you’re going to love our Organic French Rolls. They’re made with the classic #baguette recipe (#organic flour, water, salt, yeast), but portioned into 6 Rolls, providing more of that wonderfully crusty exterior than if you had just cut up a long loaf. They’re ready to roll—right out of the bag—as an accompaniment to your dinner, or as #bread for #sandwich making. And if you give them 3-4 minutes in a 400°F oven, you’ll get soft & warm insides, with an even crisper crust.

| Organic | 10.5 oz. pkg. | 6 Rolls |


Trader Joe's

Our coconut milk-based Thai Yellow #Curry Sauce is thick-textured and tasty with garlic, onion, ginger, chili, and other #savory spices. Some like to simmer meat & vegetables in it for an easy meal that presents plenty of Thai-rrific flavor—without being pungent or overly spicy. It’s a delicious profile that also works well in a Curry Chicken Pot Pie. (#tjsrecipe link in bio)

#TJsFearlessFlyer #traderjoes


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The 5 words “Just add beer and butter,” rank right up there with some of the best words ever combined in a single sentence—and they happen to appear on the box of our Beer #Bread Mix… Actually, it’s not by happenstance, but by intention—since half-a-stick of melted butter and a 12 oz. #beer of your choosing are all you meld with this Mix to turn out a deliciously dense baked #loaf with a marvelously malty-yeasty aroma & flavor.

📷: Kick things up another nosh when you add #traderjoes Unexpected Cheddar and our Hot & Sweet Jalapeños to the Mix. (#tjsrecipe in bio)


Trader Joe's

It’s 3 o’clock somewhere… you need tea! Might we suggest a good, strong #cuppa #traderjoes Organic Earl Grey? It’s deceptively simple: 20 tea bags filled with full-bodied, #organic black tea from South India blended with an invigorating, floral #blacktea from Africa. The final touch of bright, #bergamot oil—extracted from the peels of organic, Italian bergamot oranges—makes this a classic #EarlGrey, perfect for British #teatime… or for anywhere, anytime!

📷: Alongside All Butter Shortbread #Cookies with Apricot or Raspberry Filling


Trader Joe's

The jury’s still out on the surface of the 4th rock from the Sun—but there’s no uncertainty when it comes to #traderjoes Oven-Baked Cheese Bites! These circular, bite-sized, super-crunchy craters are made of just 2 ingredients: Grana Padano #cheese & a semi-aged cheese. This means a single serving (half the 2.11 oz. bag) provides an astronomical 15g #protein, along with 50% of your daily recommended #calcium. Besides that, the sharp, salty, cheesy flavor is out-of-this-world—even as it comes to us directly from Italy.

| 100% cheese | #Glutenfree | High in protein |


Trader Joe's

Some rosé isn’t for sipping. What fun is that, you say? It’s the fun you’ll have when you dress your best #greens in #traderjoes Organic Rosé Vinaigrette. #Organic high-oleic sunflower oil and organic rosé & red wine #vinegars combine with organic garlic, herbs & spices for a light dressing that’ll add excitement to your same-old #salad.

| 0g added sugar | In our grocery aisle |
📷: Crunchy Pita Salad #tjsrecipe link in bio


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It may not be one of Newton’s Laws, but it’s at least a testable fact that for every #traderjoes #Fig Bite you put in your mouth, there’s a signal sent from your taste buds to your brain, then back out to your hand—causing you to reach for another, and another… and another. This has nothing much to do with mass or forces, but everything to do with the soft #cookie dough surrounding each chewy, #figgy center—making them utterly irresistible to the average #snacker.

| 10 oz. pkg. | 18 cookies | Since 2015 |


Trader Joe's

Should we deal you in? The game is the 10th Annual Customer Choice Awards in which you vote* for your favorite overall #traderjoes product. You can also nominate your favorite products in 15 additional categories, such as: Bakery, Cheese, Dessert, Seasonal… Follow the link in our bio to locate the voting form on our website. There’s no buy-in necessary—just lay your cards on the table!

*Voting deadline is Tuesday, January 8 (tomorrow) at 11:59 p.m.


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Using an authentic #Paratha recipe from the Malabar region, our supplier in India makes little disks of dough out of wheat flour, cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk, and some salt, sugar & baking powder. These disks are hand-formed into long ropes, which are then rolled into bun-like spirals and finally pressed into flattened rounds before cooking on a griddle. When reheated in your stovetop pan as directed, the finished #flatbreads are crisp on the outside and soft-textured on the inside—perfect for pairing with your favorite #traderjoes Indian dish!

| 5 flatbreads | Hand-crafted | In our freezers |