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These #glutenfree Bagels are soft & chewy—as #bagels should be—with dried #blueberries throughout, adding a slightly sweet, fruity accent. They’re particularly good with our Cultured Salted Butter, and they’re blueberrific with a schmear of #traderjoes Blueberry & Vanilla #Chevre.


Trader Joe's

What do you like in your mug? Coffee? Tea? Hot Cocoa? How about #Cake! Unlike any other #traderjoes cake mix—this one is mixed, baked & enjoyed in your favorite, microwave-safe #mug. You’ll love the decadent chocolate cake with its gooey, salted-caramel center (fleur de sel #caramels included)—and if you’re trying to cut down on your coffee consumption, this just might do the trick.

| 2 #mugcakes | Just add water | Ready in <2 min. |


Trader Joe's

It’s #PumpkinButter time, and if you’re looking for something other than bread to spread it on, try #traderjoes Double Cream #Brie… Slice off the top rind and spread a healthy dollop of this opulent, butter-like* spread on top—then heat in a 350°F oven just until the cheese begins to melt. Sprinkle a handful of our Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds on top and now you’re ready to enjoy this uber-creamy, sweet-savory snack on Brioche Toasts, #crackers—or even on that bread!

*Though called Pumpkin “Butter,” this spread contains no cream, and has 0g fat per serving.


Trader Joe's

When you plunge these extra-crunchy #cocoa cookies into your mug of #traderjoes Hot Cocoa—or coffee, or even milk—they soften, just enough to begin melting the chunks of #chocolate & #marshmallow-flavored candy bits before you take a bite. #slamdunk

| 24 Dunkers | 170 cal per 2 #cookies | Limited |


Trader Joe's

If you think fall at #traderjoes is just about #pumpkin, you haven’t tried this Mix… We provide 2 mixing packets (1 for the crust, 1 for the filling). You provide the #baking power—plus butter, an egg, and some water. After a few easy steps, you’ll have yourself a delectable pan of buttery, gooey, nutty, maple-y, irresistibly delicious #dessert Bars. Pick up a few boxes while they last!

📷: With TJ’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips added


Trader Joe's

Our Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask is made from ultra-thin, 100% cotton that has been soaked in a specially formulated mixture of face-quenching ingredients, including: hydrating #hyaluronic acid & honey, revitalizing rose hips & camellia oils, and calming chamomile & green tea extracts. And with its compact size, you can take it with you just about anywhere—for whenever your face needs refreshing.

| Single-use | Natural cucumber fragrance |


Trader Joe's

When this #Cider shows up on our shelves, it’s a sure sign #autumn has arrived. Even more heralding is the #juice, itself: made from U.S.-grown #apples, then steeped in spices of the season (#allspice, cinnamon, cloves) and peels of orange & lemon for a palate-pleasing, hint-of-citrus finish. Serve warmed or chilled.

| 100% Juice | Pasteurized | No added sugar |


Trader Joe's

We’re all about spreading the joy of food—and the #traderjoes joy in this jar is all about #carrotcake! Dried carrots, crushed pineapple, golden #raisins, molasses, orange peel, vanilla & warm spices (no flour or egg) combine for a sweet, chunky, #jam-like Spread to top your #toast, smother your scone, and cover your cupcakes… Bacon, arugula & Carrot Cake Spread sandwich, anyone?

📷: Carrot Cake Spread mixed with our Whipped Cream Cheese on French Toast


Trader Joe's

So much flavor, so few ingredients! This #MapleSyrup—crafted for #traderjoes by a small, family sugarmaker in Vermont—is infused with #vanillabeans (we left half-of-one in the bottle) to create a deep golden-brown, sticky & sweet treat. The rich flavor, with distinct caramel & butterscotch notes, adds depth to your #fall baked goods, and it’s a dream drizzled over #pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream…

📷: Vanilla Maple Butternut Squash (#tjsrecipe link in bio)


Trader Joe's

This #traderjoes Pumpkin product is cheesy: pasteurized, cultured cream & skim milk, mixed with real #pumpkin and accented by vanilla, brown sugar & #cinnamon—all whipped up into an eminently #spreadable topping for your toasted #breads. It’s amazing with apples, or filling ribs of celery. How about a PCC&J sandwich?

| Lightly whipped | Kosher (dairy) | Seasonal |


Trader Joe's

It’s scary what you can create with #traderjoes Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit… Box includes 8 #cookie pieces, 2 bags of #icing—and #candy bones, bats, beads & jelly beans for decorating. On our shelves now... but disappearing right before your eyes! #spookycookie

📷: TJ’s Crew Member Thera (Irvine, CA) used TJ’s #CinnamonWhisk to create the thatched roof.


Trader Joe's

Had Alfredo di Lelio not invented his triple butter & cheese #fettuccine back in 1892, we may have not had the gumption to develop this #Harvest version—with purées of #pumpkin & #butternut squash (40% of the recipe) enriched by butter, Parmesan & Gruyere, and finely-tuned with shallots, parsley, salt & pepper, and #nutmeg.

📷: Try it on #traderjoes Gluten Free Egg #Fettuccine with fresh sage & extra Shredded Parmesan