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When just a thin wall of plastic keeps you from 31 degree Fahrenheit water, there are few things as humbling as a massive glacier that could calve right next to you at any moment.
Photo by @pedromcbride with @jonbowermaster


@sarahannbrush taking a moment to check out the ferns🌿
Photo by @lostintheforrest


Looking down 500 ft over Belmore Falls located in the beautiful Morton National Park!
Photo by @tobymacthomann

Belmore Falls

✒️+📷 @rob.sese:
Vancouver Island was a fun and relaxing experience. A cozy campfire along the coastal beach during sunset was definitely the highlight.

Tofino, British Columbia

Beautiful weather, colored leaves and mountains - does it get any better than this?
Photo by @bluemoonthecrew


From the heights back down to the valley where winter finally arrived. Luckily this lake wasn’t frozen yet and @daniel_ernst went for a fun paddle over the crystal clear water.
Photo by @daniel_ernst


Walking into heaven like...
Photo by @emmett_sparling


Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you 🌲🍃
Photo by @christianannschaffer


@lennart never understand the people in a window seat who shut the blinds right before take off. #HonorTheWindowSeat
Shot by @lennart

High Above the Swiss Alps

Temples of dirt & rock so perfectly carved by water.🔥
Photo by @chrisburkard


The silence is ringing. It's during times like these that you can hear your heart beat. It's magnificent.
Photo by @andy_best

Planet Earth

✒️+📷 @kate_miles_ :
The most incredible place I've ever been and the place that started my photography journey - Antarctica. In 2013 I visited this wild place and took 4000 photos in 10 days. Now that actually doesn't seem like that many, given what I witnessed! The problem was I didn't know anything about photography back then and only shot jpeg with my little Canon G12. I bought my first DSLR when I returned to Australia. I guess that means I'll have to go back one day. Which I'd dearly love to. And for much more than 10 days! I can't believe anyone visits this magical and wild part of our planet and returns without a desire to go back. It is also one of the rare places that animals don't feel threatened by us, and realising this makes you all the more aware of how significant our impact is everywhere else in the world (don't get started on climate change - the penguins would become killers if they knew our role in that, I'm sure!). If you have any questions about Antarctica, feel free to ask in the comments! I'll post a wide angle of this image to my story too. It was the first photo I ever had printed and it takes pride of place in my apartment. | Antarctic Peninsula, Earth! 🌎

Antarctic Peninsula

Definitely the best climbers out there! Photo by @rawmeyn


Long time ago in Iceland 🇮🇸
Photo by @dshukin


Stay Gold 🍁🍂
Photo by @johannesnollmeyer


"Waterfall View" - Grindelwald, Switzerland 🌲
Do you know that moment when you discover a spot you never planned to shoot and spend the entire morning there? That‘s what happened on @manueldietrichphotography 's tour with @bettina___h
PC: @manueldietrichphotography

Grindelwald, Switzerland

✒️+📷 @lebackpacker:

Before starting the hike to the Augstmatthorn at 3pm, I have been staring at the mountains from the window of my hotel room the whole day, hoping for the low clouds to lift up. For 6 hours, the clouds were sticking to the mountain ridge, and I had very little hope of seeing anything from the summit. But hey, this was my last day in the Jungfrau region and I didn't want to leave without having hiked to that peak.
With a couple of new friends we decided to go anyway, and try our luck. Maybe it was going to be a huge failure, maybe not. We just had to try.
At the trailhead, we could see fast moving clouds dancing with the ridges. Again, it was impossible to say what the conditions would be 90min later up there. So we started to hike, hoping for something good.
And these are the conditions we got once we arrived at the summit. An insane sea of fog covering just half of the mountains. Luckily I had someone to pose for me to give the whole scene an apocalyptic scene. Those clouds stayed there for about 10 minutes, then slowly started to lift up. 30min later, we could see Lake Brienz down the valley, and the heavenly foggy conditions faded away just like an old dream. Definitely one of the most intense moments of my trip photography wise!


Autumn in Austria
Photograph by @wisslaren


The moment of the first snow. There is always something magical about the first snow and how it lights up the landscape. 📷 @mikkolagerstedt



Some wonderful, almost sub-marine light that this stag was bathed in...
Photographed by @chaitdeshphotography

Richmond Park

Onions have layers ⛰️
Photo by @jordhammond


Be proud to stand out in a crowd. Photo by @elliothawkey

Planet Earth

Photo by @johnbozinov

Faroe Islands

This place. Early morning with not a single ripple in the water. Bliss 👌🏻
Photo by @shortstache

Emerald Lake

Foggy time in Krkonoše🌲🐺
Photo by @kopernikk


@deftony83 spends his time searching for the perfect shot.

Tahquamenon Falls