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One of those mornings you will look back to in awe. Svalbard is otherworldly and all kinds of spectacular 💥🌟💫👌 ✒️📷 @stianmklo


Enjoying the Patagonian backdrops with the locals...
✒️📷 @jasoncharleshill


If there is a greater pleasure than exploring the Highlands of Iceland, I do not know it. If there is a greater freedom, I have not experienced it. Endless adventure. Endless discovery. #iceland
Photo & caption by @joe_shutter


photo by @guerelsahinpictures


@emiliomag - This past holiday weekend I set out to explore all the unmarked roads I’d passed on previous trips, wondering what hidden treasures I had absentmindedly driven past while chasing more “instagram-worthy” locations. I turned a corner to find this immense alien wall towering above me just as the sky was starting to light up, the frigid air creating this insane pink alpineglow that faded into the purple dirt below! Where will your adventures take you this weekend?


It's interesting to see how seasons change in a familiar place.
Photo by @eevamakinen


Mt. Jefferson from Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood. 📷 @coryrichards


Snowflakes and stag dates ❄️ 🦌 Photo by @lenscape_artist


The active volcanos of Mt Bromo and Mt Semeru in beautiful Indonesia.
Photo by @thomaschuphoto


When you basically get all of Lapland framed in one photo!
Photo by @dansmoe


What's your definition of a good time? Mine's solo hiking atop a high desert butte in the middle of winter. Ok, so maybe I added some details that are specific to this particular photo, but i do love the feeling of being alone in the desert miles away from anyone or anything, and this is one of my favorite places to find that solitude. It was very cold that day. I was hoping the sun would come out but it never did. That's ice btw. Hiking down the north side of this butte was pretty sketch considering there's no trail, and the ground was covered in a thin layer of snow and ice, and i waited until sunset before hiking down. Don't try this at home kids.
Photo & caption by @ryan_thayne


Silence speaks when words can't. 📷 @zackkcore


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