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Wow @billboard wow! It’s an honor to have a handful of ditties on your “best songs of the year” list! But especially @imjmichaels at number 11 and @selenagomez at number fucking ONE! 💙


Gwwwwweeeeeeennnnn!!!! We done did good! #1 @gwenstefani @busbee


Thank goddess he lost. Thank you black voters for being the ones to stand up against this insanity. We owe you everything. Again.


A very important message from @billyeichner - please Alabama be on the right side of history. Gay hating slavery loving child molesters should NOT be elected officials.


I can’t believe this!!!!! Never in a million years!!! A golden globe nomination!?!?! @nickjonas @nickmonsonmusic @ferdinandmovie WOW!!! Thank you thank you world! This song is so special to me, because when I was a young queer kid I was bullied beyond belief at school, but at #Home I was always SO safe. My parents and brothers thought my feminine ways were not only ok, but they thought I was fucking fabulous. And to get to write it with @nickjonas, knowing how important his family is to him, going back and forth on the lyrics was just magic! Thank u Mr Jonas for being such a fucking talent! The realest of deals!


Sometimes you have to jump in the pool to make sure we make our fundraising goal! @glaad - @augustgettyatelier we are the most beautiful kind of trouble every time we get together!


Magical week of musics. @hmltd #rusty

EastWest Studios

I worship @jenkirkman ...possibly my favorite comedian ever. 4th time seeing her live and it only gets better every time.


I love you LA. Stay safe.


🌲 day xo


Come on Cali!


When your publisher nominates you for “president” in the @billboard WOMEN In Music issue because she recognizes your Gender Non Conforming ways...you know there is hope. But really though... @runbluebirdrun for president. Ps living for my 2010 version of me illustration of me. :)


You know when @ariadnegettyfdn is throwing a charity Kiki it’s gonna be more than chic!


HOLY WHAT!!?!?!!! Song Of The Year Nomination for #Issues !!! Julia my love @imjmichaels you have been the best new artist in my eyes since the day I met you. What is life?!?!? What a journey, and we just getting started! Katie my queen @runbluebirdrun thanks for making this second chapter of my life even possible! Wow. Wow. Wow.


Hey girl hey.


Great afternoon at @variety #hitmakers hang with my boo @danreynolds @imaginedragons


Thank you @rupaulofficial @shanemcanally and @transchorusla for joining me and @glaad in this beautiful short film made by @stevypyne and @miasmind - link in my bio. Please watch and share!!


Yesssssssss!!!!! Love wins again!!!!


Happy Bday to this LEGENDARY human. I hope 24 is even more magical for you than 23! Love you love you love you. Ps i forgot you were full on blonde realness at one point!


Sister day.


The resistance is working!! Keep pushing. Keeping speaking up. And most importantly keep VOTING!!!!! Hope is so chic.


I’m ready to dedicate as much time and money as possible to get stronger gun laws in this country. As many as 24 people killed while attending church today in Texas. This has to stop. Who’s with me?


Me and my main. @dariandarlingnyc 📷 by @seanbarna


Sometimes life is so magically surreal that you get to co-write a @gwenstefani @blakeshelton xmas duet that starbucks uses for a commercial. How is life real?!?! #Repost @gwenstefani
#YouMakeItFeelLikeChristmas @starbucks 🎄🙌🎄gx #givegood #starbucksambassador