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Blondes have more fun! This cutie was spotted in Riding Mountain National Park by @greatnorthphotography_! Have a great weekend everyone! #exploremb #explorecanada


Tulabi Falls are looking 👌👌! This mesmerizing shot is by @justinmyjeep! #exploremb #explorecanada


Take shelter. There’s nothing quite like a prairie storm! Amazing video taken in Brandon by! #exploremb #explorecanada


The natural beauty of northern Manitoba. Phenomenal shot taken at Paint Lake Provincial Park by @jotraill! #exploremb #explorecanada


There’s still time to register 🙌
On May 26, join us for a SPECIAL after hours VIP tour of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. You will be guided through Canada’s largest collection of marine reptile fossils and along the way you will meet Bruce – the Guinness Award winning world’s largest Mosasaur at more than 13 meters long. Check out the CFDC's new dinosaur exhibit complete with a 7 meter long Allosaurus and more! Almost everything you see is from Manitoba and represents history between 80-400 million years ago.
The tour will take you behind the scenes where the typical guest is not allowed. You will visit the collection room which features more than 1,000 drawers full of fossils as well as the lab where the magic happens. You will also learn how the CFDC make replicas at the mould making station and get to take your very own replica Bruce tooth home with you.
The event takes place from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in Morden, Manitoba. Participants are responsible for their own transportation. Please note: You must have public, active Instagram account with over 200 followers to participate. Follow the link in our profile to register! #exploremb #explorecanada


Winnipeg is blooming! Gorgeous capture by @wkndflyer via @mairaiantas! #exploremb #explorecanada


Canoeing in dream land ✨Captivating photo by @knatez! #exploremb #explorecanada


Classic Winnipeg 😍. Beautiful capture by @devongray! #exploremb #explorecanada #onlyinthepeg


Now that’s one way to glamp! These cute Microcubes can be rented in Riding Mountain National Park and come equipped with a double bed. Awesome shot by @95adrienne! #exploremb #explorecanada


The best sound in the world ❤️. We are in Riding Mountain National Park for the @clearlakedanceland Snow Pants or No Pants May Long party! Who’s joining? #exploremb #explorecanada


May your long weekend be filled to the brim with adventure. Have a great one! Amazing shot by @calebpitre! #exploremb #explorecanada


When the lake catches the sun just right. 👌 Love this shot by @johnahi! #exploremb #explorecanada


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