Treble Cone Ski Area@trebleconenz

The South Island's largest and most spectacular ski area. Tag @TrebleConeNZ & #treblecone

Hiking for fresh lines ❄️
Captain clicker: @oscar.hetherington


Slashing big turns at the Banked Slalom with ya mates cheering you on, good tunes, beers and a BBQ! Saturday’s don’t get much better than that 🏂 Until next year 🤙🏼 📹: Shot 100% on @goproanz by @jacksonlana


When the sun pokes through a foggy morning and the saddle turns into an open field of fresh snow ❄️ hopefully a bit of snow comes our way this week! *touch wood* 🙌🏼
Photo: @jacksonlana


It was fast, steezy and fun! The Banked Slalom today was awesome and the crew got well into it! Until next time 🏂


Banked Slalom is on tomorrow! The crew have been shaping out an epic run through gun barrel! Shaping up to be loads of fun so wax up your boards and get ready. There’s still time to register so head to our website for details 🏂🏂
Photo: @markclinton


Throwing buckets 💦
Photo: @oscar.hetherington


Here’s a view we don’t often get to see side by side! The Summit vs Mt. Aspiring. Who takes the win? 🗻
📸: @markclinton


It’s no surprise that @sam_ibex_lee is nicknamed “The Ibex” when you see him draw lines like this through the Chutes ⛷️ swipe left and enjoy the man in action
📸: @jacksonlana


Most people look at cliffs and think “ah that’s a nice boulder” but @louis_charnaud sees them as an opportunity to launch 🚀 here he is making the most of winter so far ❄️ #ilikethatboulder


Setting the boot pack up the summit is tough. But it’s rewarding when you’re the first one to reach summit rock and get it all to yourself 🙌🏼
📷: @jacksonlana


Couple of variable visibility days have got us pretty amped for the sun to come back out! ☀️


Have you ever been skiing on the moon? Who needs a rocket when you can come to TC 🚀❄️
Photo: @jacksonlana