Trevor Gore@trevorjgore

Annnnnd let the boundary tests commence!


This small black pup we went back for because my mom fell in love with her as she said goodbye to the litter, is now departing from this world. At first, Danielle was skeptical of us, especially me and my dad, but she grew to become the life of this house, and big member of our family. She was loved by everyone who met her and I’ll miss her long eyelashes and her “human” eyes that dug into anyone and anything she looked at. I’ll also miss her “Jedi” look after a bath, and her hilarious sleeping positions. She was a loving dog and was extraordinarily active. When on walks she charged ahead and led the pack like a great ferocious sled dog. I hope you enjoyed your time with us here in this world Danielle, you’ll be going to a better place now. Wherever you’re off to in the next life, I hope that you charge ahead of the pack to lead yet again. ❤️


Best birthday ever, 17 damn, you guys are amazing. And yeah I was completely surprised 😂


Few know that I now run the French Club at South High, and one of the first French Club meetings is tomorrow at lunch in F-4! Come on in if you're interested in joining, (You don't even have to know a word of French)! We learn French, cook French food, and give the occasional barvardon or two! 🇫🇷 Meetings are every Monday at lunch!


Ever have that feeling when you're sad summer's over but happy that you have a set schedule? 😂


Another great VO workshop. 🐑


Took a tour of CIG, met with Chris Roberts - he was cool, saw some cool stuff. Jared was alright. The doors to enter the office were epic. Oh and Eric was cool too. 😄 Thanks to Kai for inviting me and @robertsspaceind for hosting us!


First driving lesson today... Totally don't look nervous here right? 😅


Lighthouse Cafe, Peter Myer's Orchestra


Cooking time! No Riley, this food isn't for you.


Starting at the beginning, on Number 4 Privet Drive with the boy who lived. So nice to be back in those castle walls. These books and movies really shaped me, and I've never felt more at home with anything in my life. Truly recommend them if you for some reason haven't read or seen them.


Truth. (Only the Great Eight will understand)