Trey and Trenton@trey_plus_trenton

Trey's a tripod & keeps up with his brother Trenton who has all four legs! Rescued/fostered by @venustwofacecat #adoptdontshop

little snuggle buddy Trey 😻he love sleeping with his brother Trenton! Also check out that little fang peeking through!


and a quick video of Callie watching the rain because I think she is just SO cute and I love the sound of rain! 😻 I personally love when it rains, do y’all like when it rains?


little miss Callie watching it rain today ☔️ our sign next to the door says “what part of ‘meow’ do you not understand?” 😹😹😹I feel like Callie is constantly giving us a look that means what the sign says!


when all you want to do is cuddle 😻😻😻


check out this happy happy girl!


Happy Sunday! We hope everyone has a super great week!


when their mama is sick, these two become the best cuddle buddies! Rosie and Trenton are always together and both love to snuggle up next to me. Look at Trenton’s cute little paws! 🖤🖤


Trey loves to just hang out on his cat tree! He almost always sits with his one little arm hanging over the edge 😹


judging you.


how beautiful is our sweet Callie girl!?


looking at all those lizards and squirrels outside! Trenton’s favorite activities include sleeping, eating any and everything, playing with Rosie, and staring at lizards in the sunroom with Trey 🖤


up close and personal with our little three legged love bug 🖤


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