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Video by @BertieGregory. Extreme climber Alejo Sanchez descends down an enormous rock face deep in the heart of the unexplored Chiribiquete National Park, Colombia. When he reached the bottom of this cliff, he made a remarkable discovery. He found a massive panel of ancient paintings featuring jaguars, people and more. This area is home to many of these paintings, representing some of the earliest evidence of humans in the Amazon. I shot this whilst accompanying a team from Fundacion Herencia, an incredible group of people doing real 21st century exploration. It’s very humbling to know that there are still places on this planet we know almost nothing about. But despite it’s remoteness, it is still under threat.
We owe a huge thanks to Parks Colombia and the Colombian Ministry of Culture for their support. For more on this place, Stay tuned for @stevewinterphoto ‘s upcoming jaguar story for @natgeo Magazine. Also stayed tuned for our jaguar TV show for @natgeowild premiering in the US on December 10th. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!


Photo by @CarltonWard // This Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I am thankful for wild places and the chance to explore them, especially the swamps of South Florida where I’ve been setting camera traps for Florida panthers for the past two years through grants from @natgeo. Check @carltonward for a view of this same location in the dry season with a different type of wild creature. I hope we can all work to preserve the lands and waters that generations of conservationists before us worked so hard to protect. #pathofthepanther #floridawild @fl_wildcorridor #keepflwild. #swamp #cypress #explore #adventure @natgeocreative

Big Cypress National Preserve

Hallstatt - Austria ✨🍁🍁🍁✨ Picture by ✨✨@cbezerraphotos✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 🍁


2016年國家地理旅行攝影大賽總冠軍Anthony Lau到加拿大東北的北極圈內在一望無際的雪原及冰封的海面上與北極熊及極光零距離接觸,將與大家分享他的相片及所見所聞。
11月29日(三)7~9PM 金鐘廊 Wheelock Gallery


Dawn | Photograph by Ben Tibbetts (@bentibbettsphotography)
“On a very snowy, very cold clear morning,” writes Your Shot photographer Ben Tibbetts, “Valentine Fabre hikes on the South Ridge of the Dent Blanche in Switzerland. The Matterhorn is in the background.”

“Ben, all I can think about when trying to describe this image is the word ‘epic,’ The break of dawn happening in the background really gives this image an amazing feeling and mood. You just get a sense of the thrill of adventure that climbing is and how views like this are absolutely worth it. Thank you for sharing this image with us on Your Shot.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams) #YourShotPhotographer


Boracay v1.2 #djimavic

Boracay Island

neon express

Shinjuku Toyko.

Photos by @malikesidibe
“Being from Africa and moving to New York City, I feel like there’s so much inspiration everywhere. I spend half my time walking down the street just looking around,” says 20-year-old photography student Malike Sidibe (@malikesidibe). “When I’m creating, I try to go out of my comfort zone. Do something I’ve never done just to see where it takes me.” At 13, Malike moved from a strict household in Guinea to the US, without speaking a word of English. “When I first moved, I never knew that I was interested in becoming a photographer, but it was something I’ve always appreciated,” says Malike. “My dad wants me to be a cab driver, but I’ve decided to follow my dream of becoming a fashion photographer instead. I feel like my whole goal is to show my little brothers: don’t be afraid to try anything you want. You have the freedom to do so.” #WhereIComeFrom
Watch our story to see more of Malike’s portrait photography.

New York, New York

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