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We wanna know what you think about stuff like sex, drugs, mental health, politics, and the environment.

Hit the link in our profile and tel us what’s up in your world 👆


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@brckhmptn’s @kevinabstract just posted this. Solo album incoming? 🤔


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It’s been a minute but you ready for some Vitamin @flume? The #Hottest100 topping producer announced on his socials that "this time tomorrow" we'll be feasting on a new mixtape titled Hi This Is Flume, which is roughly 7.30am AEDT Thursday morning 😱
📷: @cybism


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Well, at least it wasn’t a dick.
Music: @18yearoldman


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@wherearetheavocados goes full anime the new music video for 'you should see me in a crown', directed by visionary Japanese artist @takashipom who's previously worked with Kanye West and @kidcudi on KIDS SEE GHOSTS. 'you should see me in a crown' will feature on Billie's debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?


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Live and let pie 🥧
#triplejtextlinegold by @stacygougoulis


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@ponderers being ‘Daisy’ to the #LikeAVersion studio 🌼


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It's a good day to be an @anderson._paak fan. Not only did he drop 'King James', the first single from his upcoming album Ventura, but the full track list too.

Swipe to peep the wild list of features 🤯


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@ponderers bring some @madonna rays of light to #LikeAVersion 🌞


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@juicewrld999 pays "very intentional" homage to the classic PlayStation title Twisted Metal with the cover art for Death Race For Love 🤡 🏎

The emo-rapper told us "my brother got me Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 1, but I was really really honest. The game was like way overrated for my age and I went and told my mum. I was stupid. I was like “mum I can’t play it, it’s rated ‘Teen’!”


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To celebrate 30 years of the World Wide Web here’s a picture of what our website looked like in 2001 🌐