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Be weird and be well. 🖤👼 #LostAngels ///// I produce my own music don't ask to produce for me unless you're Flood.

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#tbt cause I wish it were Thursday because then tomorrow would be Friday and everyone loves Friday. Ok honestly also #tbt cause my abs look bombbbb here


ya, well you'd lose. 💉 @generation8tattoo


About a month ago, @drbret invited me to do a @ted talk. I shared my story (and some songs) with 1300 people. Now you can experience it too. Link in bio. 📷 @chrishollomanphoto


just wrote this...playing with harmonics and the looper pedal 🎸


Congrats Tori on getting a full scholarship to Wharton (do ur googles). We r truly going to wreck both sides of the spectrum as females, POC, and human beings. 🤙🏾🎵📊 (that's a stats emoji for my witto hedge fund anawyst twinny) 👯


1. Last night was fun, double tap if u were there. 2. There's trash trying to escape the bin to the right of me. Double tap if you can relate. 3. If u swiped to the 2nd picture, I got u ha! Double tap if u got got! #ballgazer

Space 15 Twenty

silver lake shit

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Nevada, what's up? Looks like I'll be back in April. Catch me at @emergelv on Apr 7th! 🤙🤙 Tickets at their website:

Las Vegas, Nevada

super accurate portrait of me by Saturday but tbh it also kinda looks like you too omg bring it in group exhausted hug


TedX was such a cool experience. I've never done that level of public speaking before and knowing that there were 1300 people in the audience didn't make it any less daunting. Once I was up there, feeling the energy of everyone in the room - I felt at ease. Thanks for being there with me. Thanks @drbret for inviting me to be a part of your amazing event. 🖤 (photo credit: @chrishollomanphoto) OH AND THANKS TO THE BADASS WHO PAINTED A LIVE WATERCOLOR 🤙


big mood


brb doing 100 squats in my hotel room, trying to get back to my pre-food-baby body. 👶👶(had a nice meal, can't wait to do my Ted Talk tomorrow) 🖤