#JusticeforSandraBland #UsOrElse


This is America!!!! The Constitution ain’t shit but a piece of paper wit words on it. This IS NOT THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD!!!! Who tortures and terrorizes children just to suit their own selfish agendas?!?! This is next level antichrist demonic spirited sh*t!!!!


I’m literally sick to my stomach about these babies being snatched out of the arms of their mothers!!! It’s a travesty of enormous proportions that MUST BE PUT TO AN END!!!! We ALL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!! I’m ashamed to be an American!!!


This is Fu*king Disgusting!!! Swipe and take action NOW!!!!


Daaaamn Lil bro. Da homie @ghazi was telling me such great things about you & My son @the_next_king10 loved your sh*t...he actually turned me on to you and made me listen to it. I hate to hear this happened to this young man. I felt that he was evolving out of his former self and into a new light. All my prayers for his soul and my sincere condolences to his family. RIP youngsta... may peace and blessings follow you off to the next phase of existence king 👑!!!! We’ll continue to rock ya sh*t like you never left. 🙏🏽 #RIPXXX


Happy 17th Birthday to my soul @princess_of_da_south
You already know💥 I Love You To NO END💥4Ever & Ever....Eternally Yours💥Pops 💥❤️😍💙🌏💚👑💜


Daddy Love You Scoot💨


Attention teachers‼️ Don’t try this unless you’re very well trained & prepared to die or get an innocent child hit in the struggle. I truly feel this far exceeds the expectations of your salary’s job description. I say either they pay some professional security, or train you accordingly and raise your tax bracket. This is too much. 🤯


Happy Gday King 👑..... Same sh*t goin on today Pac. “That’s Just The Way It Is”🎶
Salute you Bro...✊🏽We miss You!!!


Had to search all over for this footage @lilduval !!!! Been looking since ya Gday. But this is how long we’ve been kickin sh*t bro. Since @jackthriller was trying to get grown men to call him “honey bu—“ maaaaan I cant even type that sh*t!!!😂😂😂 hate I missed ya party bro but I’m sure we’ll get together and go somewhere to do some sh*t that’ll just add to the plethora of laughs & legendary memories we’ve already created. #RichBroke #HustleGang #Family #HappyGdayDuval


Happy Gday Lil bro. Still ain’t another Young’n waving that Trap Muzik Flag like you kid!!! You were truly a blessing to US!!! Happy I got the opportunity to work with you and witness your greatness first hand!!! Sometimes It’s not until we lose what we have that we actually take specific notice of how special it is. And since you’ve been gone I’ve been watching a lotta “goofy shit”(as me you and Doc used to say)go on and can’t help but wonder... “What would Doe say bout this shit???” Seen a few cats you kicked it around blow up off replicating your Drip 💧..... But u know... The Trap rolls on regardless who’s doing the serving.... But the work most definitely ain’t the same!!! I still listen to #BabyJesus and #DefinitionofaTrapper when I miss u & I wanna feel your energy. I wish I had more of a say in how your music was released,but the estate is in the hands of lawyers and strangers that have no interest in keeping your legacy alive (in my opinion). But just know... as far as I’m concerned... You ARE STILL THE KING OF ALABAMA & just as I told Jay(Z) face to face about you... YOU WERE OUR BIGGIE SMALLZ & you can never be replaced nor forgotten!!! The body may fade,a life may be taken,but the spirit of Legends are immortal!!!! So...Happy Birthday to my lil Brother, Doe-B THE LEGEND!!!! King Of Alabama!!!! #LongLiveDoeB👑


Live out ya dreams, Get u some money, travel the world & watch how peaceful you become. #FreeGame


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