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Open for business up until the we move! Maybe closed for a few days, but come get some of this, and you’ll be saying... Oh Yeah! #bodyfeelinggrumpycalldrtrumpi


On May 1st, I am moving my business, Santa Monica Sports Medicine, one mile up the street to 12340 Santa Monica Blvd! Entrance on the street level, adding localized #cryotherapy and expanding our #PRP services! Always the best Chiropractor too 😊💪🏽


Early Bird Chiropractic, Tues & Thurs 7:00-9:00 am. Dr Trumpi is GREAT at adjusting. Special promo $40 spinal alignment. Call for an appointment or stop on by.


Getting PRP for my knee at my own facility, Santa Monica Sports Medicine. It’s been three weeks since the first injection, and I’m functioning at least 20% better already! Going in for injection number two tomorrow! We offer PRP at my facility, hit me up for any questions or to schedule. For the month of February, we have some great cash specials! #Prp #osteoarthritis #meniscaltears #acl #pcl #mcl #lcl #santamonicasportsmedicine #knee #BodyfeelinggrumpycallDrTrumpi #prpforhairloss #hairregeneration #backinthegame #plateletsRgreat #shoulder #elbow


When you’re getting your blood drawn for #PRP for your knees and your nurse says this..... lol. #prp #osteoarthritis #regeneration #trumpichiropractic #BodyfeelinggrumpycallDrTrumpi @trumpichiropractic Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted on the results!


Golds Gym Venice, looks like we’re getting some new equipment?!


High Deductible plans have lower monthly premiums but you will have to pay for a chunk of medical services before insurance kicks in. Low deductible plans have higher monthly premiums, but cover more services with less overall money out of your pocket. If you are healthy, and rarely go to the doctor, a higher deductible plan maybe good for you. If you aren’t that healthy, and choose a plan with a high deductible to save money, you may be liable for anywhere from $500-$2000 of medical bills before insurance kicks in. No one has excess money laying around so make sure you make a wise choice.


Clarification on the deductible: An amount of money the insurance company wants you to pay for medical treatment before they start paying your bills. Some services may not subject to the deductible, like annual check ups, etc. Make sure you look into this when checking for new insurance.


Isn’t this crazy? Right near the Getty Center this morning. Winds are supposed to be high tonight so let’s send prayers and good vibes to everyone and all the animals ( both tame and wild) affected by these fires.


Love my gym! There’s my next patient😁


Cliff Note version of the lumbar spine !


Your helpful tip of the day! Whenever you were standing... at the grocery store, at the bank, or anytime you’re waiting, remember... good posture always looks better!