Dorie Schwarz@tumblingblocks

Senior prom. 💗


Am I done quilting this? I could see going denser with some fills in the background. But, maybe with the lawn back, it just wants to be puffy.


I have had this Liberty yardage since I bought it in London on a rare work trip somewhere around 10 years ago. I haven’t been able to commit it to any project, but I just found the perfect thing. It’s going to be a quilt back. There was a time when I thought that backs weren’t deserving of nice things, but all my favorite quilts have the softest backs, so... #libertyoflondon


Aerial grove quilt - finished! It is dang hard to photograph with its subtle gradient and its gray gray gray, but I’m really happy with it. It is on the couch and available for use. Pattern by @carolynfriedlander #aerialgrovequilt #savoreachstitch #applique


Assembling star rows. 💫


Saturday morning sunshine and playing with the squares I made in @joethequilter ‘s #rocktheblock class a couple weeks ago. #a2mqg


Messing around whith my blocks for this #magicstarsquilt. (Pattern by @aneelahoey)


Forgot my lunch. Went home to eat it. Sewed some seams. *lemonade*


A quilt for my new niece, Beatrice. I like how the indigo fabric leave room for imagining seas or skies. I had fun with the quilting! 🐳🐖🦋🍧 #babyquilt #shibori #shibapplique


Aaand... she’s made a choice! My girl, @eva.t will be heading to University of Michigan in the fall. So happy for her - it’s going to be a great fit. Woo woo, college search is done, man!


Totally ok with waiting meaning knitting in a park on a warm spring day.


Having a good time with the free motion on this quilt. And also, enjoying the matchy-ness of the quilt with my new Liberty chair and the rug. #freemotionquilting #indigo #shibori


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