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So much was happening this weekend that I almost forgot to post about my favourite week of the year and that could have been bad for you because, I mean, just look at this sharkybaby! #sharkweek 🦈


#fbf to @petconofficial last year with these cuties, @sevenellalevin. This year #petcon will be at the Javits Center in NYC on Nov 17-18! There is a limited number of early bird tickets available so if you want to meet Tuna, and a bunch of his furry friends, visit the link in his bio so you can 😚


I’m still really unclear why he isn’t @antmvh1?!? Tyra, I’m taking to you. 😉 #americasnextdogmodel I think that could be a thing. #tbt from our winter photo shoot at @townhallhotel in London. For more photos, go to @thetravelingtuna


I bet you a million dollars that Colin peed himself a little here. #lookathisface 😐😂 In honour of @sharkweek beginning this weekend, here is a throwback to one of my favourite/creative #tunainterpretations of all time from the brilliant minds of @mcgivneycreative! #tunartuesdays


We love using our @furbodogcamera, especially to spy on Tuna enjoying the fabulous warm weather while we're stuck inside working 😩 Watch until then end 😂 If you're interested in this awesome #dogcamera where you can watch, talk and even toss a treat to your pup, #Furbo is having their biggest sale ever right now! Visit the link in Tuna's bio for more info. #CaughtonFurbo #FurboTreatTime
🎵: BrazilSamba by bensound.com


The sun brings out his most spirited side, as does going byebyes for a walkies so he’s getting the best of both worlds today! #joyful ☀️


When you’ve said “goodnight” at least 5 times, but your friend won’t stop talking. 🙉 Are you the friend or are you Tuna?


I love how Tuna just causally decides to take over everything that is given or gifted to our new baby, like this adorable monkey harness backpack situation, for example. He now thinks it’s his. #siblingrivalryhasalreadybegun Thanks again auntie @alissa.dawn for this adorable contraption 🐒


When you’re trying to take a selfie and your crush walks in on you. #embarrassing


This may be the wrong flag but it’s the right spirit! Come on England!!! ⚽️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 #Londonisoursecondhome #TunasdadisEnglish


I was about to go to bed, realised I didn’t post and that it’s almost Wednesday, so as I was scrolling through #tunartuesdays, I came across this older/insane/uncanny #tunainterpretations by @the.painted.pup! It looks so much like my sweet boy!! Thank you! 😘


When somebody in the room farted, and you’re pretending to investigate who it was, but it was actually you. 😬 #guilty #shrivelback