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Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

A lot of you have seen this puppy picture before but since it’s #nationalpuppyday, I’m posting it again because I don’t have many puppy pics of him. This is the first time I laid eyes on my tiny friend. He was a 4-month old, insecure puppy who was being shown for adoption at a farmers market in LA. He had on an oversized sweatshirt but was shivering, he didn’t have his teeth at the time, and he was just the cutest little balone! #babytuna #adoptdontshop


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

It’s important that you swipe ⬅️. It’s #excellent. Trust me, and you’re welcome. #👯‍♂️


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Since today is #worlddownsyndromeday, I want to celebrate this precious beauty, Macy, who we’ve known since she was 5! She and her brother August, who also rocks an extra chromosome, along with their sassy and fierce middle sister, Truly Star (all adopted) have brought me and many others so much joy! Follow along with them at @theluckyfewofficial if you want to experience some of that joy as well! #tbt to a couple of years ago.


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day green theme for #tunartuesdays and because I just love this #tunainterpretations by @thegrossuncle of my #toodlebrain.


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

I kissed him so many times that he fell asleep. #kissmeimirish #happystpaddysday


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Because it’s Friday night and things might get weird/things got weird. Swipe ⬅️


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

When you’re on a date and you come on WAY too strong. #byefelicia 👋 #rejection


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

That moment when you realise you’re not the only dog about to board your flight. #competition @thetravelingtuna


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

In case you were wondering, Tuna really likes his bum rubbed. A little lower and he would have been a lot more happier. That’s a fact.


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

I wanted to pay tribute to women today but since I don’t post pictures of humans on this account, Tuna stepped up to the plate on behalf of all women...as women do. They step up, they show up and they will do whatever they can to show their support. #internationalwomensday #halloween2018


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Tuna thinks EVERYTHING belongs to him. Of course, right? But not when this tiny pillow belongs to @brittanygidley and is used to prop up newborn baby’s heads for shoots. Thanks to Tuna, now it smells like fish but Brittany tells me it’s washable. Hopefully she’s not just being polite. Haha. #tbt to our epic photoshoot last month


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Beads are one thing, but a Tuna charm necklace is next level!! Awesome #tunainterpretations, @lindsayrosepetpaintings #mardigras #tunartuesdays