#IDentityTheft is up next album it's the return of my #AlterEgo #BlackTy -One of the first to jump out there as an MC I'm always before my time.


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Nothing else to say you sleepin..... that’s ok... get to the link in my Instagram bio


It’s been about 2 years now wall to wall with us moving and traveling the world and being greeted amongst Kings and Queens Sheiks and Royals and it doesn’t matter where we go, rather the room is small or big private dinners or traveling bro Mark aka @markmc37 is always smiling, always on TOP of his game holding the security frontline down........ and all the way in motion...... You’re THE best edition to #TeamVoltron and we salute you and honor Bro Muhammad with a happy birthday my fellow Capricorn.......... I love you and appreciate you as a father a family man and as a man that always MOVE with ALL HEART!!! Cheers and Salute your birthday Champion!!! 2018 we own you!!!!


Been a long time coming. Proud to present ‘November’ to the world. Much love to my young bull, SiR!” Aka @inglewoodsir if only people knew what we know about how we all held each other down like a Music mafia fraternity of greatness - Lokk at you now...... Keep flying champion..... I repeat keep flying.... Get Sir’s album in stores NOW!!! #TDE is LIFE....


I didn’t make it this far in my life and career form lacking determination......... In the end I’m forever going to be known as a man who has went OUT of his way to spread that same live that has been given to me.....


Snoop already blasted it out and said Fiyah!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 I know Pac would of stamped it....... #RIP Mumble Rap ( you see this post..... Get now to the link in my Instagram bio - shit is getting real out here


Open letter to my followers and supporters: Have you ever seen me put up a post like this?? In case you live under a rock, I just watched a movie that changed my life forever and ever..... Do I have at least 1 Christian Bale fan/follower?  Like this post and tell HIM show much you love him and what role was one of your favorites and why? I’m going to send your comments to him!! After I watched this life changing #Hostiles movie, there was a Q&A session and I stood and simply asked Christian, “HOW? How do you do it?” His acting is so raw, bold and in your face - it’s just unreal...... Go online now and pre-order your tickets to see a film that is going to change your world.... #HOSTILES directed by a real GEM Scott Cooper will be in theaters everywhere Friday, January 26th


❌❌❌❌. 6... Most frequently asked questions and DM’s I’ve been getting about @MrChrisClassic
1.. People are asking is Chris Classic signed to me? No.... 2.. Why am I pushing him so hard? Cause he’s been a friend and brother and wrote most of my new album... 3.. Is Chris the one that broke the internet from redesigning the black kids racist H&M sweater and flip pain into empowerment? Yes.... ( swipe left to see the infamous sweater ).. 4... is it true that 4 labels have already reached out to Chris...? Yes.... 5.. What’s his Instagram name... @MrChrisClassic 6. That beat hits Hard af who produced it? @SeigeMonstracity ( see the full #CoolestMonkeyInTheJungle video right now in my instagram bio ) and please drop your favorite bars in the comments below ....


PSA TO THE YOUNGSTAS THIS WILL GO OVER YOUR HEAD - It’s called real rap, real bars, real music.... ( watch full video in my Instagram bio )...


Family will always show UP for family...........


Family............. Will always check on family.......


Sending love and light to my brother...... My day dot..... Prayers love and light to your family....