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Throwback Saturday purpose and inspiration @mingleesimmons When you reach a certain age u realize that God asks u to serve in many ways if u have children They are or should be your greatest calling .. Period


Thank you @revwon


Thank you @camillevegan I’m reposting and adding This plea ...... wake up WAKE UP .. Please .. consider this, If u are causing suffering wether it be indirectly or directly you are contributing to your own suffering in turn...please consider a compassionate diet. If u do , you will live longer and be happier ❤️


❤️ i know people get tired, i get tired of dads showing their kids all the time but ... here’s another one ❤️


Get up put on a smile and do you, do your best Accept that God has a plan


When the mind is at ease The entire universe surrenders the noise settles and with that quiet mind ...all suffering ceases ..and then you can see GOD in all things , all things


There is a moment of oh i wish this would go away but it’s a sign of a divisive time “the trump effect” When some people people are making America hate again, good news is that too many people of good conscious of all races will be helping to promote justice and fairness, the election will be won by progressives who want equality for all , the american Collective will be more tolerant then ever before, and we will thank the universe for reminding us to bare down on what some of us know is the real AMERICAN DREAM


Thanks to all the people who protested and startedexploring other local coffee shops. Thanks to the social media influencers who used their power for good and made this incident go viral. Now we are all still waiting to hear what @Starbucks will do for the young men and what they will do to make amends to our communities.


Today’s inspiration


Get up NYC smile and breathe in difficult poses #yoga


Great analogy. The fact is Ali and others were fighting an incredibly racist society. The fact is there is a rising level of NEW HATE. Another fact is that some Americans are busy making America hate again and we have to get all people of all races to stand up against this rise in hatred.


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