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Good morning @angelasimmons ....Thank you God leaves worldly experiences colorless without your input.. she gives u the tools to paint them how u want them Therefore use all his scripture and directions until ALL you see ALL the time EVERYWHERE is GOD #enlightenment #godconciousness #christconciousness #nirvana #taqua #samadhi


God is asking us to be our best selves Our best self is a manifestation of God on earth


I spent over 35 years fighting bigotry and specifically fighting racism toward african Americans, islamophobia ,anti semitism, and other forms of hate and inequality We accomplished a lot through peaceful protests and dialogue. i believe that without internalizing the struggle of others you cannot empathize with their pain and or connect with their hearts . I see the world and some of my work unraveling whilst i sit on the sidelines. It is heart wrenching but reminds me that i gotta find a roadmap back to work. God is not finished with me yet, if so ,why would she show me so much suffering and disparities un attended to ? Above picture of my former partners from the foundation for ethnic understanding Rabbi Mark Sneir and Imam Shamsi at the 2nd “i am Muslim for a day rally” My mantra ? Give everyone the love you want to receive



It’s all love and it’s only God Thank you @snoopdogg


My baby walked out of school 💕 @aokileesimmons


Wake up meditate , be grateful God has u in his plans He is giving you the strength to overcome your obstacles but u must get in sync to access his support and your highest god given potential you have the tools take care of your temple work out stop eating animals and toxic food And meditate Through these practices clarity and focus set in When the mind is still bliss will settle in and the universe will surrender



Mother of the year .. every year @kimoraleesimmons @aokileesimmons @mingleesimmons




And what lasts them a lifetime lasts you a lifetime SO ......Get up .... today is the day that the lord has made ... give what you want to receive if you want love give it, its free , If u want money and you can’t figure out how to create a cycle , Help someone make some it will return ..compliment their efforts That’s how u serve yourSelf by serving God or the collective Giving and receiving are one and the same thing giving is getting inside out and VisaVersa