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"But you see, the way I got my bank accounts set up.." -@kevinhart4real
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"Because it's in favor of your politics"




Starting today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be collecting social media accounts for immigrants. This is a direct violation of our human right to freely express ourselves, and limits the way we as immigrants can advocate for ourselves and our communities.

We invite all immigrants—with or without papers—on a social media campaign speak out against this injustice. Take a picture with you with tape/your hand over your mouth to symbolize the silencing of our community’s advocacy, and write the hashtag #DHSilences / #ICELies over it.
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#FuckICE 😠 This is an effort to silence immigrants, our allies and supporters. #RESIST ✊🏾✊🏾 "WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security will soon begin collecting social media data from all immigrants entering the United States, part of what agency officials call an effort to more effectively screen those coming to the country but privacy advocates see as an unnecessary intrusion that would do little to protect national security.

The department will begin collecting the information on Oct. 18, the same day the Trump administration’s new travel ban on citizens of seven countries and restrictions on those from two others are set to take effect.

Green card holders and naturalized citizens will also have their social media information collected, with the data becoming part of their immigration file. It was unclear whether the monitoring would take place only in the application process or could continue afterward.

The department published the new requirement in the Federal Register last week, saying it would collect “social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information and search results,” which would be included in an applicant’s immigration file. It said the data would come from “publicly available information obtained from the internet, public records, public institutions, interviewees, commercial data providers.” VIA New York Times.
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#WTF is speaking American? 😠😡Teacher at a New Jersey high school caught on camera berating students for speaking Spanish: "Military men and women fighting are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish, they're fighting for your right to speak American." #newjersey #highschool #spanish #usa #language #school #highschool
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💯💯Repost @nyc4revolution: "When you immersed in settler-colonial society, expect colonial education with colonial educators.

Shout out to the 100+ students at a Cliffside Park High School in New Jersey for walking out and setting an example for other youth in resisting colonial indoctrination.

They walked out in protest after they were told to "stop speaking Spanish" because the military is "fighting for your right to speak American." Really tho? 🤔

1. "American" ain't a damn language. English is the dominant language in the U.S.

2. There is no official language at the U.S. federal level.

3. The U.S. military isn't fighting for OUR rights or freedoms to speak anything. They're fighting for the rights and freedom (speech included) of the wealthy, minority capitalist class.

4. 1/2 the student body at Cliffside Park HS speak Spanish at home. Only 1/3 of the student body speak English at home.

She must've forgot which community she was at 🤷🏽


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GENTEfication #gtfo 😩😩😩
Repost @trick.ass.activism.bitch: gentrification is modern day colonialism and ugly as hell
{If you’re confused the buildings not the problem I’m not complaining about what the building looks like it’s a reference to gentrification.If you don’t know what that is google is free.If you don’t give a fuck about gentrification then that’s none of my business}


Thank you @AmericaFerrera ❤🙏🏾 America has joined the growing list of women who have come forward to share personal experiences of sexual harassment and assault. ⠀⠀
In response to the #MeToo movement taking social media by storm, the actress shared a heartbreaking story detailing the time she was sexually assaulted as a child. 📷@gettyimages

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