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This is a photo of the shooting range under my school when I was in high school. We were taught marksmanship and gun saftey. Isn’t that nuts how life has changed. #gunrange #school #hilhi #hillsborohighschool #midhigh #vintage #gunsafety #markmanship


Thank you @letterfolk ! So many of your posts make me laugh and then they make me reminisce. Lately I’ve had a grandchild who seems to be on a breaking spree around here. The #bullinachinashop thing goin on. Now the reminiscing. We raised a very full house of kids, and things often got rowdy. I refused to keep everything up and away. Things got broke and worn but we enjoyed them and the kids knew the history of them. And better yet they knew how to take good care of nice things and even their toys. I got pretty quick at calling time out and moving things when play went rambunctious. And I often sent them outside, rain or shine. One funny side note...I’m still wondering who broke my $300 lamp that I scored. I think it’s the only thing I ever discovered that had been broke, piece by piece glued back together and nary a word ever mentioned! Looking back now life has been just fine without it. Thanks again for the chuckle, and the jaunt down memory lane! #farmhouse #farmmusings #farmmama #momlife #largefamilylogistics #family #patience #nicethings #youcanttakeitwithyou


I was hoping for some coop repair today. But saddle sizing won out! #saddle #buckskin #circley #buck #farm #saddlesizing #circleysaddle


Here’s one of the fields we farm. There’s tall fescue under that snow. Elevation 1600 feet. #snow #pnw #balkpeak #tallfescuefield #winter #whataview #farm

Bald Peak

This Unger barn is on the Century Farm part of the family farm, where the cousins live. Isn’t it so picturesque with the skiff of snow on it and the barn quilt! #ungerlicious #ungerroad #farm #barn #quilt #barnquilt #centuryfarm


Love this @littlehouseonthedairy ! I was just talking with my DIL last night. How I did five loads of laundry a day, for two and a half decades. (What a change the last year has brought.) With the farm and seven kids in sports I coveted my friends two washers and dryers. I was always waiting for my appliances to finish up for the next load. Do you think #Alexa could keep up with two of each? Lol #farmlife #momlife #farmmusings #technology #washday #everyday #evidenceoffamily #lovemylife


I don’t know why I struggle with this, since I recognize I am so blessed. Actually this shows me why. “Be on guard against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don’t even go near the edge of the pit. It’s edges crumble easily, and before you know it, you are on the way down. It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than keep a safe distance from it...when you are occupied with praising And thanking Him, it is impossible to feel sorry for yourself. Also, the closer you live to Him, the more distance there is between you and the pit. Live in the Light of His Presence by fixing your eyes on Him.” #jesuscalling When Mark and I were newlyweds we went exploring where the volcano was active on the big island of Hawaii. The hot lava was spewing into the ocean and the waves were spitting the lava cooled into rocks back onto the shore. It was an eerie and incredible sight. New terrain was being formed by the cooling of this flowing lava. Perched high above the shore on cliffs of newly formed lava beds we watched it all. Mark wanted to get closer and closer to the cliffs edge for a better look. Me in all my nagging fear of heights, followed very very cautious. (Freaked me out). What an experience it was. Returning to the condo we saw on the news that huge boulders of cliff line were plunging in the ocean. 😜😁. Because the lava cooled so rapidly and made the solid surface, there was no foundation. That process caused parts of the newly formed cliff lines to “crumble” off and fall into the ocean. Yikes I know seven kids that may have never become a farm family if we had gone too close to the edge. How similar self pity is to stepping on that unsupported lava formation. Praising Him, focusing on Him, keeping my thoughts, sights, and attitudes on Him is hiking the secure ground, where there’s nice firm island to hold me up! Don’t fall off into the abyss of deep ocean waters. Keep yours eyes on Him and stay away from the edge of the pit. #itsourchoice #biblebelievingfarmer #wearentrobots #hotlava


Happy birthday Jack! You are a man of conviction, passion, giftings, knowledge and love. Your drive and work ethic are rare. Besides all that you are a gorgeous man. Love you son! #happybirthday #jack #truth @blazing_blasian #prayforjack #blessingsandfavor


Well I think that was the extent of the snow western Oregon will see this winter. It’s likely the blueberry plants can go back to spring thinking! #blueberries #bluecrop #farm #berryfarm #blueberryfarm #blueberryfield #snow


Two fantastic grandchildren share a birthday today! Happy 9th Evelette, and Happy 8th Marcus! Both incredibly thoughtful, helpful, precious kiddos! #happybirthday #grandchildren #grandchild #farmfamily #farmkid #farmboy #marcusjoseph #evelettemarilyn #ungerlicious #grandson #granddaughter @ezunger @thewayweareofficial