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Little in the middle but she got much back.

Truth. Catch the message.


Proudly Nigeri- wait. You DON’T have Tidal?!? (Me, yesterday) 🇳🇬🦅🇳🇬 #WorldCup #SuperEagles #TheCarters #ProudlyNigerian


Beauty. Brains. TALENT. And, what’s more, one of the first to show me every love and kindness. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross ❤️. @traceeellisross #covergirl


When you get a release date for Season 6 of #oitnb July 27th. #tbt


I didn’t see anything...until July 27th. #oitnb #S6


Happy dance! #frenchopen


Family. France. French Open...fantastique! #frenchopen


Pure joy. 👗: @funmifabrics 👑: @bdash_mua 💄: @joannasimkin


Because everything about her is un-DANAI-able. My friend, @danaigurira killing it on this gorgeous cover! #love


For raising me. For your strength. For guiding me. For your love. I just love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy, and to all those guiding and mothering! #happymothersday


Ok. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love teachers. They’ve been integral in my life in so many areas, shaping so many wonderful moments I am experiencing now. Through you, I have learned so much. I know your nicknames, first names, and your new names, BUT today it’s from the school room desks I sat behind that I say your names :-). Here’s to you on your honor day. And, what’s more, thank you. #teacherappreciationday
MS. SCHARAK- HS French teacher
MRS. INTERRANTE- Kindergarten teacher
MISS MURPHY- Primary school music teacher
MS. FEATHERMAN- 2nd grade teacher
MRS. MARY ANN HATEM- Drama Club choreographer/teacher
MS. MEHLEIS- HS Drama teacher/Creative Writing teacher
MS. DUGAN- HS English teacher

Missing with special mention: MR. DeSORGHER(Political Science teacher), CLAUDIA CATANIA (Voice professor), DR. SARAH ARNESON(Voice professor), DR. JOHN WALLACE (music theory professor) and JIM SPRUILL(Acting professor) ! #thankyou


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