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About today. Having so much fun at Brento this week ! 1st try with my buddy @ugogerola ! @redbullfrance @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr @redbull


The season is not over, keep the skis on πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ crazy day with @max_haim @ugogerola @niniebouette ! Thanks @anouk_sibil for the video πŸ€— @redbullfrance @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr #miragers9.5


Today: Mirage 5.5 in Helbronner πŸ‘Œ @redbullfrance @redbull @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr @volklskis #swing #mirage5.5


That is Speedriding , Riding until the end ! Sick day in Chamonix with the boys ! πŸ“Έ@max_haim πŸ’ͺalways readyπŸ‘Œ and @ugogerola πŸ’₯! Can't wait to do more with you 😘😊 @redbullfrance @redbull @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr #bash116 #spitfire2 @markerproducts @chamonixmontblanc


Last season we have made a nice Documentary for @edgetvnetwork. The goal was to Speedride with @jokkesommer the 3 famous peaks of Switzerland, Eiger, MΓΆnch and Jungfrau πŸšπŸ”οΈπŸŽ₯ Available now on EDGEtv app on Apple TV !!! A very great adventure for me ❀️❀️❀️ featuring @bigkidscartel @shamsfilmmaker @max_haim @niccolo_porcella @felixtheflyingcat @mateffy_istvan @satori_factory @martinschricke @ni_schafer @ @micahcouch @redbullfrance @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr @volklskis


We had a sick last day of season in the lab @avoriaz1800 ! Thanks my buddy @ugogerola for the shots ! @redbullfrance @volkl_marker_dalbello_fr @slick_video Swing France minivoiles #doublebarrelroll #miragers #bash116 @redbull


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