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Kittens are my happy place

Fiona has been visiting us for the last 8 days while her humans were on vacation. Her family absolutely adores her and she clearly loves her solo pet life. #ShamelessKittens


Piper was the first kitten to go home. She will have two feline brothers and two super sweet kids to play with. Not only is one of her humans named Piper, they also share the same birthday! Piper will be called PK for Piper Kitten.


It’s adoption weekend for the #FreeBirdKittens! They have wonderful homes awaiting them and their new families are so excited to bring them home.


Fishing for kittens 🎣


Time to learn about the birds and the bees.


These bellies were shaved today for #spayandneuter surgeries so that the kittens will never have to worry about unwanted pregnancies. It will also help prevent uterine infections and breast tumors for the girls and completely eliminate testicular cancer risk for Hawk, not to mention a host of other issues. Everyone did great and they are running around playing as #FreeBirdKittens should!


Testing out the structural integrity of the fruit basket.


Robin hit the Mother’s Day jackpot with a forever home today. She was adopted by a couple who were looking for a companion for their young cat. Her #FreeBirdKittens will be leaving the nest soon too.


Happy Mother’s Day to the 7 amazing mamas I’ve fostered in the last year. Collectively, they’ve raised 33 kittens who have all found wonderful homes. Robin, mom to my current litter, is available for adoption at @providence_ac.


What a difference 6 weeks makes.


Not to brag or anything, but I have this magical ball... and you don’t.


The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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