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Photo by Brian Skerry @brianskerry | Looking slightly wary of the photographer, a school of black margate fish drift in the water column within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, in Belize. This protected area, located off Ambergris Caye, was created in 1987, and has allowed marine life and ecosystems to thrive. Researchers report that at least 30% of Earth’s oceans must be protected in order to have a healthy planet, yet today only about 3% has been conserved. The ocean is the greatest carbon sink on Earth, taking in carbon and giving back oxygen. But as fish are removed in alarming numbers, habitats are destroyed and increased amounts of
carbon from fossil fuels are turning seawater acidic. As a result, the ocean loses its ability to function efficiently. Creating more marine protected areas is not only good for fish, but for all life on Earth. To learn more about ocean exploration follow @BrianSkerry. #belize #mesoamericanreef #marineprotectedareas


Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto | In the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia there is a paradise few have seen. The Marshall Islands consist of 29 atolls and five isolated islands. With about 70 square miles of land over some 750,000 square miles of ocean, it’s not hard to understand how important the ocean is to the daily lives of the islanders.
It takes a bit of effort to get to the Marshall Islands, but you won’t be disappointed. This area has some of the biggest and most beautiful atolls in the world just waiting to be explored, and the villages offer fascinating insight into remote island life.
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Carnival | Photograph by Kelly Bell (@kellybellphoto) | A scene from the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. #YourShotPhotographer


Jasper National Park - Canada ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@merveceranphoto✨✨
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Jasper national park

Ayer se estrenó #BiosCaféTacvba – Vidas que marcaron la tuya ¿Lo has visto? ¿Qué te ha parecido? Cuéntanos aquí 👇 👇


“When you try a trick or a jump thousands of times and you finally make it, it’s amazing,” says 16-year-old professional freerunner Lilou Ruel (@lilouruel). “Before doing this sport, I looked at the landscape normally, like anyone on earth; Now it’s completely different. Everything around me becomes a playground and possible places to do lines and videos.”⁣

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Video by @lilouruel

Plaisance-Du-Touch, Midi-Pyrenees, France

#2019國家地理會德豐香港攝影大賽#徵件中!National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest [Starting Submission]
主題 Theme:「香港故事」”Hong Kong Story”
比賽組別 Category:自然、城市、人物、手機攝影、黑白攝影│Nature, City, People, Mobile Photography, Monochrome Photography
徵件時間 Entry Period:Oct. 14th 2019 - Dec. 14th 2019 (end at 23:59:59, Hong Kong Time)
那夜凌晨,我坐上了開往時光隧道的紅Van 攝影:莊俊傑 [2017 國家地理會德豐青年攝影大賽 香港人和事 第二名]
#國家地理 #用影像說香港故事 #VisualStoryTellingHK


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