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Regrann from @philipbloom - This is rather nice... @venuslaowa 12mm Sony FE F2.8 Zero distortion. Very nice mechanics, optics, build quality on this fully manual lens.


Regrann from @petrgebauer - O peníze mi šlo vždy až v druhé řadě, prioritou pro mě bylo uznání. Teď mi ani tolik nejde o uznání, ale mám neuvěřitelnou potřebu tady na tom světě po sobě zanechat stopu. Něco ve smyslu: “Kdysi tu žil jeden úžasný člověk a fotograf.” Užívám si posledních volných víkendu před náročnou svatební sezónou, na kterou se neuvěřitelně těším.


Regrann from @corby.martin - Looking back at NAB. Saw a lot of lenses. Some good, some bad, but always interesting.
#nab #lenses #cine #pl #vintage #rebarrel #nisi #nikon #leicaR #lomo #pstechnik #slrmagic #lensporn #gloptics


Regrann from @iamtamlam - Only at NAB: This is a photo of some of our camera gears taking a break while we chat and talked about the new @venuslaowa lenses at their booth. If you guys haven't heard, #Laowa lenses have a very solid build (similar to Zeiss Distagon and Voigtlander Nokton lenses), silky smooth manual focus rings and no chromatic aberrations or distortions whatsoever 🗝️
This was my first time at NAB, even though I only got to go on the last day (because ya boy messed up, looked at the wrong schedule and showed up late the day before lol), I still had a blast! Got to see so many new tools and met some really cool influencers.

Make sure to give these guys a follow and check out their YouTube if you haven't already, they're always posting the latest tips and tricks 💪: @jasonvmedia @infosmercial @momentum_productions. It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you all! 🙏


Come visit us @ C2356 in NAB 2018! #nabshow


Regrann from @camera_setup_club - Can you guess the lens?
Hint - It's @venuslaowa lens
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Regrann from @joseramosphotography - "The Unveiling" | Passo Gardena, Dolomites (Italy) | You would certainly not guess that this image was made under intense darkness, solitude and silence, in one of the most gorgeous spots of the Dolomites, called Passo Gardena, at 2136 meters high. Doing a long exposure during the night with a wide angle lens that has a very large aperture can be an incredible experience, as it allows the photographer to find light where it does not seem to exist, showing us that our biological eyes are just one of the endless ways to perceive what we once decided to call "reality". For every 30 seconds of exposure, the sky would magically unveil itself and light pollution from nearby towns would be amplified into sunset-like levels. The gigantic mountains around me shifted from being mysterious silhouettes to clearly shaped and textured sculptures, enlightened by the headlights of passing cars and other sources of light.

As you can see, far before the final stage of editing an image on the computer, creation has already started as soon as one chooses how light should enter the lens and get recorded by the camera sensor. To the photographer, perceived reality is no longer a constant and universal concept, as the world unveils itself in infinite ways through the camera, all of them equally beautiful, captivating and... real.

Sony a7R + Venus Laowa 15mm f2.0
Exposure: 30 seconds
Aperture: f2.0
ISO: 1600
Manual focus
FLM Tripod
Wireless remote shutter


Regrann from @_tannergonzales - i love our public lands


Regrann from @ivanferrerofotografia - "Raíces catedralicias"

Hacia tiempo que quería realizar esta foto...con el reflejo de la catedral, sin gente y con las raíces de la fuente en primerisimo plano,pero siempre había algo que lo impedía... Aquí se ve cortada.... pasad por vero para verla entera!

Sony A7RIII + Laowa 12mm 2.8
#cityscape #toledo #cathedral #europe #nisiaddicted


Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D - World's Widest (113°) f/2.8 lens for APS-C Mirrorless cameras
- Super light, tiny & compact
- Close-to-zero distortion
- 49mm filter thread
- Focus as close as 12cm
- Fuji X, Sony E, EOS-M mount
- Perfect for both Photo & Videography

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