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Ask yourself why you're uncomfortable
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Tutorial for this look is up! Link in my bio ⛓️
Used #blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker, Illusion, & Bones liquid lipsticks


used #katvondbeauty Thunderstruck, Electric Warrior, and Iggy metal crush shadows, Bosch ink liner
#blackmooncosmetics Hazel liquid lip
#rougeandrogue Nirvana lashes


Will post close ups later, and recorded a tutorial ⛓️
Do you think about how even if a “new” wave forms and finds itself heading towards the shore, it was kind of always there, part of the ocean? How the sea does not create new water to form the wave, and after crashing it remains joined to the rest of the body... How do you feel about the ocean?


It’s time to make myself uncomfortable again 👁️
used @blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker and Ghost liquid lipsticks, & Luna moon topper
@katvondbeauty Danzig metal crush eyeshadow


Eyes inspired by @fantazmaa 🖤
used #blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker liquid lip
#katvondbeauty tattoo liner & white out concealer
#rogueandrogue Cosmic Kitten lashes


I’m gonna record a new Q&A video, so leave questions for it in the comments here!👇 This weird lip swatch features Cider from @blackmooncosmetics


“But she likes spiders.
That’s why I’m not friends with her.”


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in shaping your view of me, you shape yourself. your world. in perceiving or observing you change the state of a thing or even define its existence itself. imagine taking off a pair of glasses to realize everything before you is made of clay


3 more lil hair necklaces - link in my bio ✂️
yes it’s my hair
no I don’t find it ticklish


The heat from your heat keeps you in the Grey space. I twitch my flesh, you hide inside. My gift to you is your meat suit. This aspect of you is the maestro but not your master. Will you succumb to me, letting the colors run from your form? Or will you overcome me and become one with your own? It’s been my pleasure to meet you, and if you feed me you will reciprocate soon.


#blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker liquid lip
#katvondbeauty Neruda ink liner
#rogueandrogue Noirella lashes


I demolish your home, devour your bones.
I feast upon space/time
Your physical form is mine.
My blood is fresh
A virus I multiply
Transmogrification in your eyes.
I’ll pluck you apart
You’ll rebuild from the struggle.
I’m a lesson for you
Lest I lessen you.
Succumb to me, overcome me
The present is your home.


Welcome to The Grey
Before, I was your vice
Now I am your paradise.
I pull you in with my sharp fingers.
I muddle your colors
to convert you grey.
Your time in me lingers.
I will make an alien out of you.
Your shriveling body,
Your closed eyes.
The ego I eat
While I feed you distraction and lies.
Become me, destroy me
Walk my fine line.



Another one from my shoot with @chloekoebelgraphicdesign 🖤


Creativity is so necessary. Please create if you feel compelled to. Express yourself, bring your imagination to fruition, explore and experiment in the artistic realm. Dive into another form of living and thinking even if just for a moment. Release yourself from the drudgery of mediocrity with a canvas of your choosing and think abstractly for a while. The world needs art, the mind needs art, I need art. Inspire and be inspired. Feed and feast on the cyclical pattern of creation.


Edit: all sold, thank you 🖤
More hair pendants for sale, link in my bio 😤✂️


used #rougeandrogue Cosmic Kitten lashes on top & Bella de Nuit lashes on bottom
#katvondbeauty Trooper tattoo liner
#blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker
Choker from @tealecocothelabel


Even in what feels like stagnancy I am still swept in the constant momentum of the ever present waves of reality. Ultimately, I am always on a path. The direction I go is a choice best not left to inevitability. With open eyes, forward and backward are not so different. I walk the spiral.
Picture taken by @chloekoebelgraphicdesign


What side do you want to see?
📷Shot by @chloekoebelgraphicdesign ! ✨#blackmooncosmetics Sleepwalker liquid lip & Gemini lashes
#katvondbeauty Trooper tattoo liner


used @blackmooncosmetics Leo lashes, Sleepwalker, Illusion, and Bones liquid lipsticks
@katvondbeauty Thunderstruck glimmer veil on the inner corner and over my lips


I think I’m afraid of death. Not of pain, not of what comes after, not of judgment and review of my life from of some sort of regurgitated biblical idea of a god. I’m not afraid of death itself. I’m afraid of the reminder it brings me that although time is not truly linear, we live it linearly. It reminds me every time I sit idly, or silently. Every time I become drowned in a pond of my own disgust and loathing, stagnantly floating. Reminding me that I still remain a piece of malleable clay. Before I can become dust I must create a hard sculpture, and I sit twiddling my thumbs. What truly scares me is myself. My frivolity. I become death.


I posted a picture in my story and told people to draw on my face (idea taken from @moxie.saturday ❣️) I was inspired by all of them, but specifically incorporated parts of these two by @selfdestructives and @ly.zef - (swipe for their pics)! Thanks everyone for doodling on me 🤡




used #katvondbeauty Hellbent studded kiss lipstick and Rosary lip liner
sheer long sleeve crop and triple goddess choker from #tealecocothelabel


Did makeup with @dead_lamb 👹
Used @blackmooncosmetics Buried and Sleepwalker liquid lipsticks for everything, and Leo lashes


It seems to start slow, until suddenly poison is boiling throughout my whole body. The clock stretches out to the point of almost snapping. My logic has been taken from me. I’m choking. “Sprout wings!”, the fool hopelessly cries to a bare back. I’m ashamed.


Pulling me in like quicksand, the longer I’m in it, the harder it is to get out. At first, it pulls. But then I reach a point where I just sink. Weighing down my bones, even the smallest of movements become impossible. It flows into my heart, thickening the beats and pumping more of it throughout my arms. It radiates my core and leaves me without words, without action, without reason. Something with wings flies over me as I float lifelessly in my own pond of disgust. The movement from each flap of its wings sends a wave towards me, giving me the momentum I need to reach my arm up, then my head, and I remember how to swim. How do I achieve the beauty of the bird?


link in my bio to new pendants up. a couple of these are some of my favorites I’ve made so far 💧