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📝 Writing my first cookbook with @clarksonpotter

Two cups of creamy matcha perfection over ice 🌱🍵 link in bio for my favorite matcha latte recipe


Why are frozen blueberries SO aesthetically pleasing. Someone please explain 🍇 (grape emoji = blueberry emoji when I feel like it)


I was so excited at the opportunity to try @sunbasket for their #R29xSunBasket collab w/ @refinery29. every. single. ingredient. Sun Basket provides is high quality (and I am super picky when it comes to ingredients)...this dish used wild caught tuna and every single vegetable they sent was organic...the poke marinade was even made with coconut aminos vs. soy- this stuff is the real deal. This Hawaiian tuna poke bowl took me literally 20 minutes to make and it was so good. Click the link in my bio to get 50% off your first box with promo code: R2950P #SunBasket #morethanamealkit #IWorkWithSunBasket


Iced rosewater matcha for 1, please 🌹


#vibrantandpurehome coming together slowly but surely 🏡Slightly obsessed with the newest addition to the nook: a vintage Campari poster from my wonderful aunt who knows me so well 🤗 (now just need to actually hang it up....) Happy Friday everyone!


Mango banana strawberry chia pudding ✨ honestly better than candy


Oh, just Riomaggiore looking stunning w/ the color palette of my dreams #vibrantandpuretravel


Don't know what to eat today? ... here's my advice: go to your friendly local TJs, scoop up some cauliflower gnocchi, whip up my roasted garlic pesto, mix em' together... voila 🙌 recipe link in bio


First matcha in days + prism light + hibiscus tree shadows on my balcony = pure joy


Finally home after a long weekend away- and all I really want to do is go into the kitchen and whip up a stack of these collagen pancakes. I highly recommend you do the same (link in bio for the recipe)


〰️ (melty) coconut ice cream + cinnamon + mulberries +toasted coconut + apricot 〰️ #vibrantandpure


If you're seeing this, drink some water 💧 (and while you're at it fix up a bowl of coco yogurt with honey, figs + crushed pistachio dukkah) I'm one of those people who finds it hard to drink a lot of water, so whenever I see posts reminding me to drink water- it's actually super helpful. Now is my time to give back 💧💧💧 get to drinking...