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It’s 4/20, y’all, and we asked people the highest they’ve been in six words like, “Thought I was in SpongeBob’s house.” What’s yours? See others at the link in bio. Illustration by @brandonceli.


Get twice as high in a homie hot box. @slimihendrix and @tajcam show you how to make it happen. #weedweek


What's the best way to get stoned? In honor of #weedweek we're deciding once and for all, and you get to vote. After 3 dank rounds of voting, we're now down to the final 4. Head over to @VICE on Twitter to cast your vote.


Martin Shkreli’s rich-guy prison sounds like a resort complete with racquetball courts and bocce ball lanes. Read about all the amenities that make this minimum-security prison sound better than your gym at


No way that’s a one-hitter officer, that’s a potato. #weedweek


Kanye’s already living in the 27th century or some shit. We tried to decode his tweetstorm at


"My dad's organization smuggled nearly half a billion dollars' worth of marijuana into the United States in the late-1970s and early-80s." Meet the fugitive kids of international drug smugglers, who grew up keeping secrets that could land their parents in prison. Visit for the full story.


Apparently, some of Iceland’s prisons work on the honor system and don’t have fences—which is how Sindri Thor Stefansson, accused of helping steal 600 computers, allegedly escaped prison. He then supposedly escaped Iceland...on the prime minister’s plane. Read more about this wild story at Photo via the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police.


What's the best way to get stoned? In honor of #weedweek we're deciding once and for all, and you get to vote. Rounds 1 and 2 are complete. Head over to @VICE on Twitter to vote in round 3.


How to make 🚬 smell like 💐 #weedweek


Full moon parties were once intimate hippy beach gatherings—but now, they’ve transformed into infamous all-night drug-fueled parties. Find out why they’re are so infamous at Photo by Dan Vincent.


OK, not to alarm you, but this shit is wild. Police have launched a nationwide manhunt for Lois Riess, a 56-year-old grandma from Minnesota who allegedly murdered her husband, fled to Florida, befriended her doppelgänger, killed her doppelgänger, stole her identity, then dropped off the map. Visit to read more.


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