🌙 Victoria Monét@victoriamonet

💜 FREAK VIDEO BTS OUT NOW 💜 link below


Last night was magical ✨ @normani @calvinharris


Hiii 💜Freak💜 bts part 3 is out!! Last one. ✨Link in my profile will take you there. Make sure you subscribe tooooo

BIG Shout out to @z.lattimore @chinchilla and @tonnakakes in this one!

So much love to dancers @itskendrajae @fatherteresaa @LoSmith_90 and @heymsfranklin !! Fck it up


It was between “Beam when I think about you” or “hey uh, anyone need some foil?” 🙈 what would u caption it?


Let’s Dance!!! Here’s a summer jam with two of my favorite people who also dance for two of my favorite artists!! 😭💜💕 @itsKendraJae (Beyoncé) and @itsChinaTaylor (Janet)

Song- 🚭 Cigarette

Artist- @Raye
Video by: @Ciscochoreography


Dance video happening tomorrow morning with two super stars! @itskendrajae and @itschinataylor ✨ can’t wait to post. it’s a summer vibe 💜


I went to pride LA for the first time yesterday and this was my mood the whole damn time! I felt so freeee and safe to do what everrr. Felt so much love from strangers just living and giving love!! Got to see my friend headline the first sold out Pride IN THE HISTORY OF LA PRIDES WHAT?!?! ✨💜 drank tequila (whyyyy, I’ll never do it again). Everyone there was so sparkly haha and so beautiful! Never laughed harder with @mattmamola and I don’t remember getting home lol....what an awesome way to live life!!! HAPPY FCKN PRIDE🌈




💜 Huji hoochie 🧡 *photo taken by a 6 year old cause her grandma couldn’t grasp my huji tutorial aand smoke the cig in her hand


“One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I am woman. That’s how all women should feel” -Marilyn Monroe


“Got almond milk?” *insert mustache @brianziff


Fairy Lashes by @itzjustchris 🧚🏾‍♂️


spoil me a little, but intangible things are better


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