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1.Don't Think You 're The Best, Know You Are The Best.

2. Ask For Feedback & only take constructive criticism.

3. Learn how to "Act The Fool". 4.Sit down, #SACHE & Be Humble.

5. Listen to
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Edo Girls Are The Best ... & Yoruba Boys No Dey Carry Last ( The Other Way Round It Still Makes Sense 😁)
💙 HML daddy yo!
@Regrann from @bankywellington - Today was a good day 😊

#BAAD2017 - #regrann


Beautiful Imperfection 💙, in a world of difference they found love in a hopeful place! God bless yal! As cartoons, This fairy tale will last forever in Jesus Name!

Congrats to the Prince @bankywellington & His Princess @adesuaetomi
Today we celebrate Love 😍


You Can Say It Openly Now!
Don't be shy, don't ever be⭐️
God blesses & gives us miracles daily, openly! So don't be shy about praising HIM openly🙋‍♀️.... Try & sing a song that comes to your heart right now, with Jesus Joy, ain't no shame in it, wake up thine neighbours🤗 if you can
" Currently Singing - Mo Like Jesu Gan" By #DekunleFuji / @official_ikechukwu

What Song Are You Singing Today👇


Mum always said, "may your road be rough", speed bumps prepare you for the main storm, first they stopped his debate, now they are spreading lies that he has stepped out. When people do everything to stop you, God will lift you high. Go @yuledochie 🙋‍♀️- Saturday, November 18 Is Here! #Anambra People, n.a. una hand e dey o, Pls watch and share. The future is in our hands. We must protect it. Its our time to put things right.



My @missnovember_11 is plus 1 Happy birthfay babes😚


#Raskimono Inna Mi City yesterday noh... Him ah talk about him new ep #SenselessKilling pon mi radio show,
Issa #TheRunDownWithVien 😎Boom!
😁( Click Translate From #Patua )


It's a wrap! Catch the students of the just concluded #CityMediaAcademySeason6 live on air @city1051 from Monday November 13th 2017 stunting as their mentors and I trained them to do😎 ( Wait for the dab😭 at the end) & Tnx for the gift guys😚 my MD @dojaallen loves it🙄


📷 @iampurplebandit Strikes Again!


Meet #ROME ---- I Wasn't Built In A Day 🙄
At Some Point They Called Me "DEAD"
But God Said, "NOT YET"
I am here,
I am making a difference & I matter .. I Am Vien007
👚👡: @dotrikgrand


#CityMediaAcademySeason6 #SocialMedia Class with @nnamdee On The #MansNotHot Vibe lyric to lyric on the script you see them studying @michaeldapaah_ cc: @city1051


#TheRunDownWithVien 2-5pm right ... me I just want to play today 😄 @icynthiamorgan is my #ICelebrityWithVien guest 4:30
📷 @melody_hassan 😉





Happy Birthday @tokemakinwa We totally love you issa baby girl for life💕... @girltalknigeria @_lharley_


@girltalknigeria surprised @tokemakinwa with homegirl @efya_nokturnal with a scintillating music performance which thrills everyone at the #OnBecoming33 📷 @_lharley_


When Our @yuledochie Wins, we all are part of the team, together we shall make Anambra stronger, make sure 18th November You come out to Vote o, ehen cos Many times he has stopped by the road side to greet people. The children and the youths are always excited to see him, encourage him and bring suggestions for progress.
But some of the older ones will always tell him about different grudges and age long quarels they have with his community and other communities, they are either hating this person or planning to deal with some other people.
This is why we are not developing as a country, as a state. We keep electing the older generation who bear ethnic grudges, religious grudges, personal grudges, etc and this affects their leadership and affects development.
We must move beyond that.
Vote wisely. Vote DPC. Vote Yul Edochie for Governor of Anambra State, November 18th, 2017.
We must not joke with our future anymore.


@afriff Guests, Newton Aduaka (Artistic Director, AFRIFF) & @fierycj CJ Obasi (Surreal16 Arthouse panelist & filmmaker *Visions*) were on the #TheRunDownWithVien .. I might just make or feature in a short film for the 8th edition next year😎✌️


My guest on the show yesterday wawwu @Regrann from @djsix7even - 😁 She still Has it !!! 💯 Dj Jazzy Steph @shoestep the Vice consul to the U.S embassy 😁 with @vien007 on #therundownwithvien cc @city1051 #MEDIA #Tallest #djprofessional #music #radio - #regrann


#TBT With The Birthday Girl 💕 @sotiofficial
Happy Birthday Sisi,
Luv You Gan #NoLele 😉


Get The Look @dotrikempire🕵️️‍♀️
Get The Shoe @billiejoella👢
Get The Girl @city1051 😁


@mr_ekpa is still sleeping in my house😋 New Month New Supply... Tnx Mr Ekpa 😎✌️


That's a Good @carameans Face beat &A @dotrikempire Dress in a @gracescake_ng Cafe 😄 .... The Doughnut Made Me Do It This Time 🤣