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☁ sumthin a lil simple & more editorial 4 U ! hav been feelin stuck lately & doin more free-form , scribbly lil Looks like this 1 always makes me feel better!! 😇 im rlly into the texture on my eyes ! 💧 also wanted 2 try out this blush placement/technique ?! n i think i like it ?! might mess around w it in more Looks ! 😛 i feel like a ghost bride that haunts a mansion & can be seen walking up & down the spiral staircase ? 💋
used @nyxcosmetics White Liquid Liner on my eyes & as white mascara on my lower lashes • lashes are @lashlottery in D06 • @milkmakeup Kush Brow in Grind & Hydro on my brows • @nyxcosmetics HD Blush in Crimson • @bitebeauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in Flambé & @atasibeauty Liquid Lipstick in Vermilion blended out on my lips • @freck for faux freckles



⭐ i nevr post my day-2-day Looks but here's this 1 for U ! 😛 2day is just a rlly good liner day 4 me 👀 n im SO Happy that @milkmakeup sent over the star tattoo stamp to me for #StudioFam ?! so i can put stars alllll ovr my fave evryday !!! 😈 U can rlly see how boney my hands/wrist r in these aaaaA!!! :•/ ignore the mess on my head + my wonky bangs in the 2nd pic also uh ?? idk what happened 2 her :•P
used @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for eyeliner • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in Babe Alert • @milkmakeup Star Tattoo Stamp for the stars & Kush Brow Gel in "Grind" on my brows • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Sleepwalker on my lips • earrings & clasp necklace are from @shoptunnelvision • Chunky Chain Choker is from @nnnastygem@freck for faux freckles



💀decomposed💀 this is a grey addition to my color series, where i match my skin color to the wig color ☁ was watchin the show "haunted" on netflix while doin this Look so it came out way spookier than i intended ?! oops ! i jus wanted 2 sumthin bruisey ! 😛 this 1 is inspired by a super old Look by @astralghoul 💜 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette & Divinity Palette and @moiracosmetics Sweet Paradise Destiny Eye&Face Palette on my eyes and face • @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for eyeliner • top lashes are @unicorncosmetics style in Bubble Pop • @suvabeauty Hydraliner in Grease for lettering • @myth_cosmetics Geode Liquid Lipstick in Siren Song on my lips • mixed @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Sleepwalker & @myth_cosmetics Geode Liquid Lipstick in Poison Quartz for the fake nosebleed • (biodegradable) glitter is from @sparklepigglitter Silver Fine Glitter • wig is @vceebeauty_wigs (use code "visiblejune" for 15% off)



🎪 happy halloween from me , ur fave neighborhood clown ! 😛🎉 haven't done a Look SO indepth like this 1 in a long time ! i made the clown collar & the pointy hat all by myself ! ✨ was going to do this 1 all in black & white to be more like a vintage pierrot clown but i decided 2 add sum color ! so this is a lil pierrot clown but w a colorful , june-y twist 😈🌈
used @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette on my eyes • @colouredraine Vivid Pigment in Drip Drop for the tear • blush & red nose is @nyxcosmetics HD Blush in Crimson • brows & liner are @suvabeauty Hydraliner in Grease • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Nightmare on my lips • white foundation is @lagirlcosmetics HD Pro Foundation in White • collar & hat are handmade • wig is "Bettie" from @annabelles_wigs



🌈 sumthin colorful & fun 4 U !! i felt very 80's in this Look ?! or like a carpet in a rollerskating rink ?! 😛 i was just doin whatevr i wanted & makin funky shapes w my eyeshadow ! this 1 was Fun ! 🐶🎉 i didn't take any up-close eye shots of this 1 bc im a big dummy pls forgive me i luv u 😢💔 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @moiracosmetics Sweet Paradise Eye & Face Palette and @sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako on my eyes • @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for eyeliner & White Liquid Liner for white inner corner liner • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in Lashes Out • lips are @inkofelation in "Ariel" • @freck for faux freckles • choker is from @lui.trash



☁🌞 ever since i posted the full-pink Look a lil while ago , i wanted do Looks w skin-colors coordinating w the color of the wig ! so this is pt2 of a lil series i'll b doin here 💙 obviously couldn't pass up a chance 2 put cute lil clouds on my face+body 😛 currently stuck doin homework all day & wishin i was still a cloudy , blu gal 😢💧 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @lagirlcosmetics PRO Coverage Foundation in White, mixed with blue eyeshadow to make blue skin • @sugarpill Eyeshadows in Tako & Buttercup for the clouds and the sun on my forehead • @moiracosmetics Sweet Paradise Eye & Face Palette • @colouredraine Vivid Brights Eyeshadow in Drip Drop for blue contour • @nyxcosmetics Vivid Brights Creme Color in Blueprint for brows & White Liquid Liner for white freckles • @blackmooncosmetics Moonlighter in Jellyfish for blue highlight • @atasibeauty Matte Liquid Lip in Vermilion with @wetnwildbeauty Coloricon Lip Gloss in Pout of Paradise on my lips • wig is from @wigisfashion (use code "visible" for $$ off!!)



🔗🍃 i luuuv the combination of natural , dewy skin & bold linework ! so here is this face-tatty Look 4 U bc im Feelin it!! 😈 not too happy w the rose on my chin but that's ok ! not evrything can b precise ! 😛 my base is allll @milkmakeup products for #studiofam & bc their base products make my skin look SO Pretty 💌 this Look has a lil hint of what im gettin tattooed 2day 👀 do U know me well enuf 2 guess it?! 🐶💭
used @milkmakeup Flex Concealor in Light, Lip+Cheek in Perk, Holographic Stick in Mars, and Blur+Set Powder in Translucent Light for my base• used @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette (shade Strawberry Milk) & Divinity Palette (shade Hathor) dusted lightly on my eyes • no falsies, just @milkmakeup Kush Mascara • @milkmakeup Kush Brow Gel in Grind on my brows • @milkmakeup Heart Tattoo Stamp for the hearts under my brows • @bitebeauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in Flambé & @atasibeauty Matte Liquid Lip in Vermilion diffused on my lips, with @wetnwildbeauty Clear Lip Gloss in the middle of my lips • @suvabeauty Hydraliner in Grease & @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for linework • @freck for faux freckles • wig is "Bettie" from @annabelles_wigs



💔❌ as soon as i got this pink wig from @weekendwigs i felt an incredible need 2 make my skin pink ?! is that normal ? probly not 😛 also bc @milkmakeup sent me the heart tattoo-stamp for #studiofam i obviously needed 2 put it all ovr my face + body 😇✨ these r the first pics i'm postin that were taken w my new camera !! i'm xcited 4 this new era + takin more detail-shots 4 U guys!! lmk how ur feelin abt these pics 🐶💭 ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○
used @suvabeauty Hydraliners in Scrunchie & Grease for graphic liner on my eyes • also used Hydraliner in Grease for the drips on my face & neck • pink skin is @lagirlcosmetics PRO Coverage Foundation in White mixed with red eyeshadow • @milkmakeup Tattoo Stamp in Heart • lashes are @lashlottery in D06 • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte in Sleepwalker on my lips & Moonlighter in Catshark for highlight • wig is from @weekendwigs



💀✨ goin to a funeral but make it fashion ?! i've been daydreamin of the MET Gala 2018 Look i did a suuuper long time ago now & hav been wantin 2 do sumthin gold & baroque-esque on my eyes in a vry long time ! 😛 baroque gold jewelry is SO inspiring 2 me ! 🌹
used @juviasplace The Masquerade Palette & @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette with @wetnwildbeauty Metallic Liquid Liner in Gilded Wings for linework on my eyes • lashes are @unicorncosmetics costumized using chopped-up lashes from @yesstyle@nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for brows & faux bottom lashes • @lagirlcosmetics PRO Coverage Foundation in White is blended down my neck • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Sleepwalker on my lips • @freck for faux freckles • red wig is from @uniwigs



⚠ here's the olive-toned smokey eye i wore to classes the other day ! yall luved this 1 so much ?! wasn't expecting that ! but U asked 4 pics + product deetz so here it is 4 U ! 😛 ask & u will receive 😇☁
only used the @strobecosmetics Divinity Palette on my eyes (shades Oshun, Milda, and Bastet) • @blackmooncosmetics Moonlighter in Glowworm on my inner corners • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in Mega Babe • @suavecitapomade Matte Liquid Lip in Reina on my lips • chunky chain choker is from @nnnastygem



💌😈 have been so inspired by the demon Looks that @laur_elyse has been puttin out for spooky szn ! so i turned myself into a lil pink demon 😛 eye shadow shape is inspired by an @dausell Look ! ☁ horns r edited bc i wanted em 2 b long n sharp enuf 2 stab meanies w 🔪 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette & @sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako on my eyes • @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for eyeliner & faux bottom lashes • top lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in Lashes Out • @lagirlcosmetics PRO Coverage Foundation in White on my face • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Nightmare on my lips & for freckles • wig is @annabelles_wigs in Bettie • horns are clip-on from e-bay (edited to be longer & sharper)



🔗 all chained up 🔗 i luv monochrome grey Looks so much ?! also how PERFECT is this @blackmooncosmetics lipstick on my lips 😢 my new fave grey in 1 of my faaave lip formulas evr 💌 wishin i kept the chain design to one side of my face instead of continuing it on my other eye but aaaa is too late ! nbd ! 😛
used @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Ashes, @sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako, and @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette for the chain design • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in Thrill Seeker • @blackmooncosmetics Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Ashes on my lips • @freck for faux freckles • grey wig is from @vceebeauty_wigs (code "visiblejune" for 15% off💸)