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@faroeislandssurfing The summer is low season and mostly calm, but surfing is possible all year around. A big part of surfing is waiting and hard work. Patience, timing and determination is key. Catching that perfect wave is such a rewarding feeling - of success and a high. It makes it all worth it. It makes you chase it. And then do it again. Our dedicated surfer @iamthekatalis will most likely be taking you out if you come #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands Photo credit: @saviourmifsud @kirstinvang


@faroeislandssurfing Fun fact; We can get all seasons in one day! The weather changes rapidly, but we get amazing waves in the winter. Surfing in the snow feels like it looks; Extreme. It’s surreal and extremely beautiful. Make sure to add it to your bucket list #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands Photo credit: @benjaminras


@faroeislandssurfing The history of surfing in the islands is fairly short. The first documentaries go only a few years back. Today surfers from across the world come to catch these beautiful North Atlantic swells. No wonder why. We feel blessed having these waves in our own back yard - with an easy ocean access wherever we go #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands Photo credit: @withyenziseyes


@faroeislandssurfing Most people dislike the many days of storms we have here and see it as a hindrance. Why not see it as a possibility and turn it into something great? Seize it and go surfing. High season for surf is approximately from September to April #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands Photo credit: @peterfloez


Welcome to our playground @faroeislandssurfing 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️ Do you dare to join us? #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands Photo credit: @peterfloez


Hey everyone 👋 Guess who’s taking over this week? We’ll show you something AWESOME - something you might or might not have seen / experienced yet; SURFING in the Faroe Islands. We @faroeislandssurfing wish to inspire and simply let you in on and enjoy a bit of what we do. Surfing is so much more than a sport - it’s a way of life 🤙 We’re happy to take over and take you on this journey with us. Photo credit: @peterfloez #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands


Hey guys, this is the last photo of my takeover. I hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to follow me on @danielbuer and during my journeys. Have a great day everyone!




Hi folks, @danielbuer again.

With this photo I want to show you another perspective of the small village Bøur.
Everything is so peaceful and calm. Is there anybody out there who wants to live there as well?




This was the best moment on my trip for sure. I sat on that cliff for hours just to enjoy the power of the waves and the beauty of nature.
Photo: @danielbuer


Good day all, second day of @danielbuer ´s takeover.

Everyone who plans to visit the Faroe Islands have to stop at this amazing waterfall.
On this day the wind has played with the water as he wanted. The spectacle was terrific.




Hello guys, @danielbuer with my second post for today.
This little gorge can be found close to Norðradalur. If you drive there by car you’ll find also a scenic drive. It’s worth it!


Hi travel lovers, @danielbuer here taking over the instagram account of @visitfaroeislands for the next three days. I would like to introduce myself quickly to you: My name is Daniel, I am 30 years old and I live in the north of Germany in a little village. I have visited the Faroe Islands a few months ago and now I want to show you some impressions from my trip.
This photo was taken in a small village called Bøur which is located close to Vágar Airport. In the distance you can see the island Tindhólmur and Drangarnir.




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