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DOPACABANA EP 🏝️out now @hippielifekrew ™️


today is a good day! my case got dropped & my EP #DOPACABANA is out now. make sure you make a video if you playing my music. I wanna share it. #HeadHippie


thinking about when to release all of this music. just start dropping shxt #HeadHippie


whoever made this that’s real shxt though. #HeadHippie


if you don’t know my music Ima make sure you do. i ain’t too proud to build or humble myself. the music is the only thing that matters. #HeadHippie #DOPACABANA out now on all platforms.


I appreciate this every single time. @kd_selfieartist you are an amazing artist & spirit ! #HeadHippie


let me tell y’all why i don’t post as often any more.. it’s been a plethora of things really... life for # 1.... it gets real, and if you on man time you gotta handle life when life happens.. you have to be open to take time for absorbing the lesson you are experiencing... everything isn’t for documentation.. some things you gotta keep for you... #2 I been perfecting my craft musically.. #DOPACABANA was a great start to where I’m headed but I know there is so much more in me.. I produce now too! soon i can start really controlling my destiny musically.... learning something new is frustrating but so rewarding.. that moment it starts clicking, I’m in that moment now .. #3 We have also been starting businesses that are taking more of our time.. it’s only 24 hours in a day & you have to balance it all.. don’t be one dimensional.. be like Bruce lee, like water. #HeadHippie #HLK #newmusicotw


#DOPACABANA is growing day by day. I couldn’t ask for better supporters then you guys. I don’t take the love for granted. Myself, @iam2tall @adamwhitleymusic @tazcap & @thecoachbrodie worked hard on this for 3 days straight and the energy was amazing.... You could be riding to any other album. I’m beyond thankful for everyone who has put their energy into helping to spread my music. God is good, and he sent me genuine supporters. I’m too thankful for y’all. If you haven’t heard my EP, I promise you’ll love it. Listen on your car ride out of town tomorrow, or play it while you smoke around a bonfire with your hippies.. it’s that kind of vibe.. #HeadHippie


go ahead & drop that 🎥🎥 emoji if you rocking wit a hippie & you gon support this new #DOPACABANA video! shot by @chris1st & @ayewaiter #HeadHippie


i’m an artist... first & foremost .. so if you follow me.. you oughta know that.
if you gon support me.. support this... #DOPACABANA video coming soon 🎥 by @chris1st @ayewaiter #HeadHippie prod by @iam2tall & @adamwhitleymusic


I’m so sad with the state of humanity.. so sad that it makes me angry.


#DOPACABANA... video coming soon... then the short film.. produced by myself 🎥 by @chris1st @ayewaiter | w/ @itsrobgordon & @rplsolo
#HeadHippie #HLKSHXT


dopacabana, all it takes is a few listens my hippie. #HeadHippie #HippieLifeKrew