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🔪 Everyone wants to be a hero, but every story needs a villain.



@bella_mendezz I’m happy and grateful to share every minute of our lives together. It feels like yesterday when I first met you and said to myself SHE IS THE ONE 🎯 I love you flakis.


🔪 Since Bearded Villains was just a crazy idea we talked about while having a walk to see our group change so many lives through our brothers and see that this world’s stereotypes are just that. The Bearded Villains are now THE FUTURE, world citizens looking out for each other beyond borders. @bella_mendezz has been essential and an exceptional part of this and with her huge heart by my side I look ahead and never above any others... always grounded and focused. I love you @bella_mendezz for being an inspiration for many, for being by my side and for being my wife. ❤️💪🏼 photo by @visualsbygeorge


⚔️ #Charity

Our brothers keep raising the bar! I have the utmost RESPECT for @mrtirso and the @beardedvillainspr for going above and beyond to embody our message of charity and helping the Orphanage “El Pequeño Joshua” through “AFILIAS” A top level domain registry company, who believes in the work our brothers do for this noble cause. This orphanage like the rest of the town in Naranjito PR has been without power since the hurricane. And I’m proud to say that It will now have power thanks to this HUGE effort. From the bottom of my heart and in behalf of all Bearded Villains across the world we thank you @mrtirso for making this happen. #RESPECT Salute 🎩💯⚔️


My Boys , Noah and Ramses. Everyday is another beautiful memory with them. #FamilyFirst


🔪 #GALACTICBEARD A very talented artist sent me this. Thank you @rsrock01design 👌🏼✏️


🔪 #FlagFriday

#Fbf My first photo with the Bearded Villains Flag, little did I know this flag was going to take of on an on-going Journey and it has now been to 42 Countries 🌏💯 #BV4Life


🔪 R.I.P. Mike
It is a sad day, we have lost one of our ELITE brothers. Not just a BV but a man of pure loyalty and positive energy, I had the pleasure to meet him and he always kept a smile on his face for us all not knowing he was battling with his personal problems. Remember that you always have a brother who you can talk to WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. In memory of Mike ” The Phoenix “ One of our greatest who joined BV in Jan 4 2015 ... Mike you will live in BV and in our hearts FOREVER. ⚔️


🔪 #LaFamilia
I’m one of the lucky ones, I have unconditional love for my family. And I’m grateful for having Bella, Noah And Ramses In my life.


🔪 #FBF

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, no one will until you start doing it first.

An image taken by @visualsbygeorge


⚔️ #Brotherhood

OUR MESSAGE GOES DEEPER. ( repost and support ) It is more than what the eye can see , it is something you can only experience through UNITY.
Photo via @beardedvillainsitaly “SONS OF LOYALTY” 🇮🇹 #bv4life #onebrotherhoodoneship
Photo by @haniel.njord


🔪 BV Brothers
That 305 connection is strong.
I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with my brothers @beardedbobby and @d0n_big0te from @beardedvillainsmiami visiting LA this weekend. A very productive and fun chat, having the perspective from our longest running chapter. BV STRONGER THAN EVER 👊🏼