Spoiled Shih Tzu girl living the life in Montreal🇨🇦

My baby brother and I like to take naps together. I cannot wait for warmer days to play with him outside 🐶🤪


Guess who is the driver today!! 🤣🤣 Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy National Pet Day! I hope you all got lots of love, treats and hugs! 🐶🤗💜


Today my family and I went for a walk. I’m super friendly and wanted to say hi to someone across the street and ran without looking. It all took 1 second and my parents were caught by surprise. Lucky me, no cars were passing by. My hoomans almost had a heart attack. No more long leashes for me. 😜🐶I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday!


Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all my IG friends! I hope you have a lovely time with your dear ones. 🤗🐰🐣


Please don’t wake me up too early!


This is too fun! I’m posting my moms not-so-secret crush since she was 15; Jon Bon Jovi. She and her BFF spend all her teenager years collecting magazines about him #borninthe80s Join #unitedpawsgroup and post your secret crush! #secretcrushsaturday


Google tells me it’s Spring. I think Montreal didn’t get the memo. I cannot wait for the hot weather. ❄️😳


This weekend was freezing cold. I cannot wait for Spring. Meanwhile, I enjoyed some time with Daddy on the couch while he was reading his book. I hope you had a great weekend!


I had a good Sunday spending time with Mommy. Montreal’s winter is still going strong which makes the perfect time to cuddle. Happy Monday everyone.


Trying out my friends dog car. I kind of like it! 🤣


Just chilling!


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