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Going to try and catch the sunrise tomorrow. How about you?

Wicklow Mountains National Park

The monastic site in Glendalough, founded in the 6th century. It gets pretty busy during the summer, but we had this place all to ourselves.


Silhouettes in the streets of Dublin. Another scene that emerged as soon as the sun broke through the clouds.

Dublin, Ireland

A frosty morning in central Dublin, on the lookout for breakfast. Street photography is something I’m interested in more and more. Apart from oceans, sand dunes and light, landscapes don’t often change. Scenes on the street however, change every hour. Hell, maybe even every minute. All because of the people. It has a certain allure which I can’t quite place. Definitely something I want to get better at.

Dublin, Ireland

Poulanass waterfall. Even though it is not the most impressive waterfall out there, it symbolises Ireland’s nature. It’s pure, modest and above all, it’s green.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

As we reached the top of the Wicklow Mountains, the cold wind started to pick up. With steep cliffs on our left side, the hike became increased in risk. We didn’t have a long way to go anymore, so we pushed through. The sudden change in conditions was a reminder that preparation is key, be it hiking or photography.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

The old library of Trinity College, Dublin. The library is on the second floor and I entered it from a plain looking gift shop. The sheer size of the space overwhelmed me. The height, the shapes of the balustrades and the beautiful colours of the wood were unlike any room I’ve been in before. Around 200.000 books are kept here, dating back to the 9th century. The fact that this library was used hundreds of years ago is hard to grasp. Definitely worth a visit if you have the chance!

Trinity College Dublin

As the end of my studies approaches, choices present themselves. Should I immediately start working? Should I take my photography to a professional level? Finding answers to questions like these is impeded by visiting places like this, with the serenity and beauty of them being the culprates. I could barely use my hands whilst taking this shot. The cold wind was pretty intense. Standing in water also didn’t help.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

A new beginning.
I just archived all of my posts on Instagram. The reason being that in the past weeks, a feeling arose. A feeling that I have reached a new chapter in my photography. The past years have been all about getting familiar with the technical aspects of the trade. However, I now have the feeling that I have reached a new base level in photography and that I can use this (basic) technical knowledge to try and start telling stories and to convey emotions, for these are the reasons I started taking photos in the first place. I recently saw a video that showed we all take the same photos in the same places. It’s the personal experience and the accompanying story that make photos unique.
I took this photo in the midst of a snow and hailstorm in the Wicklow Mountains, near Dublin in Ireland. The wind blew furiously but as soon as the sun came through, a beautiful display of light appeared. The moment very much reminded me of the fact that without good light, a plain old photo is just a plain old photo.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

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