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How we feel about kicking off the #Wanderlust108 tour in #SanDiego today! 🙌🏽
Thanks for showing up and reminding us that the truest sun is the one that shines within 🌞
Big love to @chelseykorus, @rodriguesmatt, @djtazrashid, @rosieacosta, @brittarael, @erinreneefitness, @denelleyoga, and @helenisthemoon for your expert guidance 🙏🏽
Want more? Peep our Story for an exclusive BTS look with @rodriguesmatt 🙌🏽
We’re coming for you, #Scottsdale! Can’t wait to slay the day with you next Sunday.
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⤐ ⤐ B A L A N C E ⬷ ⬷
Tonight’s full moon in Libra corresponds with the vernal equinox—this happened last in 2000 and 1981. It’s an auspicious time to take stock of what equilibrium looks like, and what you need to shed or evolve or galvanize to get there 🌚
The equinox marks the start of the astrological year and Aries season, but coming on the tail of Uranus transiting into Taurus, it’s more than a new beginning. It’s the integration of lessons learned, the release of outdated pattens, and represents a willingness to make different choices 🌱
What will you do with your karmic reset?🌀
Read more about what the #equinox means in our monthly column with @wildwitchofthewest. Link in bio 👆🏾✨



If your fave flavor was an asana, what would it be? An intermediate variation of Crescent Lunge, High Lunge Prayer Twist is an energizing pose that strengthens and tones while building confidence and balance.

Adding a twist to just about any drink, lime is our go-to when we want to shake it up—and our fave @lacroixwater mocktail mixer. Just like Prayer Twist adds some funk to a classic, lime makes everything a bit unconventional.

@caleyalyssa breaks it down for us 🙏🏽
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Flexibility, both in practice and life, matters.⠀
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For the first time ever, Wanderlust will offer a la carte classes and activities at our brand new 2-day city Festivals. Wander your way with a General Admission Ticket, and have the option to add a class or two—or go all out with an All-Access Ticket. ⠀
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Because there's freedom in being flexible 🤸🏻‍♀️⠀
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Check the link in bio for the complete rundown.⠀
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📷 @jadeelhardt



Taking the free #21DYC? Here’s what to expect in Week 2 with @schuylergrantyoga.
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It’s not too late to start! You can still get in on the Challenge through the link in bio 👆🏽⠀⠀
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Drum roll please: The summer #music lineup is here! Get ready to boogie down, rock on, and sing along with thousands of your new best friends and mindful community.

Link in bio for full lineup. See you on the dance floor 💃🏻👏🏽
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We made it through days 1 and 2 of the ⇢ free ⇠ 21-Day Yoga Challenge! We’re really digging @djtazrashid‘s “Gold Flow,” as many of you told us you are too in the Virtual Yoga Studio.

There’s so much to learn when you tune into body and breath for 3 straight weeks, like what it means to “open all sides of the hips,” (which our fearless leader @schuylergrantyoga explains here).

Not signed up? It’s not too late! Link in bio to join 👆🏽



Saturday serenades courtesy of @ronartisii. Beach concerts may be our new favorite way to start the day. ❤️ How are you starting your Saturday?

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