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Grammy®-winning producer/remixer Dave Audé (Sting, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga) shares how he produces for A-list artists and discusses the 8 essential plugins and instruments he's picked for his Dave Audé Producer Pack.
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What makes the Flow Motion synth easier to play and program than other software FM synths out there? Sound designer, producer and master synthesist Richard Devine (Warp Records) has the answers!
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Scheps Parallel Particles in action on @tiesto latest show in #madrid IFEMA, @dontletdaddyknow Festival
FOH - @fabismyname


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Introducing Dave Aude Producer Pack
8 plugins and instruments personally selected by Grammy®-winning music producer Dave Audé (Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga) to cover your music production needs, jam-packed with precision sample libraries, dynamics, and effects to light up your creativity and enhance your production skills.
Learn more: waves.com/bundles/dave-aude-producer-pack


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CLA Classic Compressors - $59
True Classics Stand the Test of Time
Buy Now: waves.com/bundles/cla-classic-compressors


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7 Essential Plugins for Ableton Live Users:
Want to widen your sonic palette while working in Ableton Live? These seven essential plugins will complement your Ableton workflow and open new production possibilities by giving you effects not included in Ableton’s stock selection.
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On Tour with Childish Gambino: This is America
Live engineer @charlieizzo is the man responsible for what Donald Glover, a.k.a. @childishgambino, hears in his monitors night after night. We caught up with Charles during Childish Gambino's final This Is America tour to discuss his favorite plugins to use live and his secrets for delivering superior monitor sound.

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Looking for that special something?


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EMI TG12345 Channel Strip - $29
Modeled on the actual desk used by
The Beatles on their album Abbey Road
SHOP NOW: waves.com/plugins/emi-tg12345


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These days, when you compose for film, TV, video and games, you often need to mix and even master your tracks on your own. Having the skills to do it all by yourself and meet strict deadlines will give you the edge. We talked to acclaimed score composers @Michael Josephs (Wild Kingdom, National Geographic, PBS) and @nickmurraymusic (CNN’s Pope) for their tips on how to deliver a well-mixed, professional-sounding score to your clients quickly and efficiently.
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Thank you Mr. David Darlington 👑 for sharing your wealth of knowledge.
In case anyone missed this week's mix webinar on Waves TV 📺 🌊
2 videos already available - 
1st episode - mixing Drums and Bass: waves.com/demo2master
And the first follow-up Q&A session aired yesterday. also available online.
Tune in next week for another session about vocal treatment! 😃


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It took more than 1000 presets to show how versatile this synthesizer is. 
A big thanks goes to the amazing artists who helped us explore Flow Motion and build this inspiring preset menu – 
Thank you for exploring Flow Motion with us:
HEAR MORE 🔊: waves.com/plugins/flow-motion-fm-synth#audio

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